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Coral on Land


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    Good idea!

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    Tralomine commented

    you can do it with /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0

    (leave won't dispawn and crops won't grow, but it's a start)

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    No. Simply no. It would make coral too decorative. I like the challenge of it having to make it underwater. It also doesn't fit the game, they would have to make a gamerule for everything if this had to be implemented such as /gamerule flyingdolpins or /gamerule cropspeedautomatic or /gamerule enablehostilemobsinpeaceful.

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    RiptideDolphin got this one right. The whole point is that you have to make your builds in such a way that you have hidden water behind the coral blocks if you want to use them on land. It's a good challenge. This gamerule is just a cheap shortcut.