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Potion effectiveness & improvements


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    RobotZap10000 commented
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    Think of this:

    Can you put plastic cups inside plastic cups? Probably yes

    Can you put plastic cups in plastic cups filled with water? No

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    AzaanDeen3473 commented
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    But you can stack stone blocks on each other and that's not possible in real life either

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    Pretty good idea! I definitely think that potions need another reason to be widely used, so first off, I completely agree that this is an important problem.

    There's nothing wrong with your idea, but I'd like to offer an alternative: in my post Make cauldrons, potions, and soups more useful, I propose making all potions stack to 4, with a small cooldown for splash potions. I think that this is good enough to make potions more useful, and I think that the timings of potions are pretty well balanced already.

    Thanks for posting! It was a good read.

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    Sheepherd XB commented
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    I definitely think potions should be made stackable (at least in stacks of 3) as I agree that you have to go through so much effort for them for such little reward.

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    I think a good way to make potions more useful would be to keep the base effects the same, but then allow certain potions to be combined or brewed together to make more powerful potions. Beacon effects invalidate the most common potions, but making more powerful potions could balance potions against beacons: beacons would be less powerful but would be permanent, and potions would be more powerful but temporary. Two potion could be combined with a piece of glowstone dust to make a potion that is one level more powerful. For example, combining two speed potions could make a speed potion with +10% more bonus. Two +40% speed potions would yield a +50% speed potion, and two +50% potions would yield a +60% potion. This would make it possible to make more powerful potions, but make each new level exponentially more difficult to get. This would mean it would take 4 speed II potions to get a +60% speed potion, and 64 speed II potions to make a +100% speed potion. This could also work with strength, jump boost, healing, damage, and maybe poison and regeneration. For the other potions it would be inapplicable or too powerful or too convoluted.

    The functionality for this could be that if there are two layers of potion that can be combined in a cauldron, then right-clicking with a piece of glowstone dust on it will combine them.

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    AvigDas commented
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    Potions effects should be able to be added into food items in Minecraft

    Potions should be able to be infused into food as you are unable to make a person just drink any potion which does damage to you, so it will make sense as then it would make poison and harming potions more effective at what they can do, you can even apply this with other potion effects.