How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? What are we missing? Please explain what your "new mob" is designed to do, and why it is needed. We are interested in ideas that are unique!

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    LatchedPath6362 commented

    Very detailed 🐣

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    everblue22 commented


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    SummerDogDawson commented

    YES that us like Harry Potter but remember: many types of owls so maybe Elf and Pygmy owls can’t delver things more than 20 pages great greys deliver up to 400 pages but that would mean a new kind of book called something like Owl Book or plain old Letter or Owl Scroll

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    Michael Lopez Jr commented

    Owls should be a thing In the Taiga Biome

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    RotaryTooth2059 commented

    yes i think this is very detailed and i think that when found and not crouched they will fly at you and do 1 half heart and go back and perch on a tree if tamed then the range of letter should be randomised like horse jump strength and speed and health

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    Daniel Hernandez commented

    how about instead of books, just make it be able to send items, since you could just type in chat to send people messages

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    Thefunnyman9600 commented

    they'll help player ? 

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    TomCat Gaming commented

    We Actually Want to see owls into Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but parrot is a coolest mob in minecraft Bedrock Edition

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    eduSOUZONES commented

    Gostei da ideia só a parte dos livros que não me chamou muito atenção,mais só de ter esses novos animais já está bom para mim

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    BrutalityHG commented


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    PLUSH BOR MOR commented


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    Facu0912 commented

    Owls can drop feathers and maybe a new item called owl eye to make a new tool spyglass, that can also be found in shipwrecks, and they will allow the user to see further

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    Diego Osorio commented

    I think the job of sending messages should be done by carrier pigeons and that the owls should warn you of mobs around you

    - We also do not want minecraft to be transformed into a Harry Potter game -

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    Juan Sebastian Marsiglia Pacheco commented

    Sería genial tener búhos en minecraft

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