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Shulker box contents viewable in GUI


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    This is already possible if you turn item info on with F3+H and hover over the shulker box. 
    Might need to restart your game but I don't remember. 
    It only shows the items in list form, but it does what you're asking.

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    jagomagetank commented
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    does this have a snowballs chance in the nether? I would love to see this added

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    KSsula7753 commented
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    With the new 1.17 announced and with the addition of Bundles, they show a interesting item preview screen that could possibly be retrofitted to the Shulker box, with a small difference, where instead of showing every thing, it would show only one item per Shulker slot, 27 in total.

    Cons - You would not know the amount of items, only a general view

    Pro - is a very simple screen and would not give the player the idea off accessing the shulker directly through your inventory