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in-game mod downloader

needs info


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    Pascal Anema commented

    How this might work:
    1. There will be an official minecraft website for user created content (users can maybe choose to switch their creations to marketplace from there)
    2. A community of well-known and trusted mod-makers manages the entries in the site (making sure every entry is safe and doesn't break the users' devices)
    3. An interface is built inside the minecraft official launcher to grant access to the resources on the official minecraft mod database (beloning to the website) and thus allow for mod downloading in-launcher.

    A) there are already minecraft launchers from third parties that can do this
    B) this won't be cheap and will only work for Java edition (because adding mods to bedrock is a COMPLETELY different story) - > Microsoft might not allow this because they can't ask money for mods to pay for the infrastructure needed to add this feature
    C) Mojang can't make sure all mods people know and love (even the popular ones) make it to this database (due to legal reasons) and so won't be inclusive

    Besides.. It's not that hard to get mods right now, and this feature won't be able to get mods into bedrock (and they probably also won't come to bedrock)

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    skizotoro commented

    This would be much safer for most users, as the "official" download link for most mods almost always involves dodgy ads and fake virus-download links. Making an official channel would ensure this is viewed as not okay.

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    zontor879 commented

    Maybe something like the steam workshop, with an upvote and downvote system, that way the community can push good mods to the top, and mods that have little to no effort put in can be downvoted due to lack of work put into them.

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    In game mod downloader on console please



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    Grimm 2003 commented

    Or just add an ingame mod launcher without having to download forge, blocklauncher and a Minecraft launcher.

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    gidationBoy commented

    really needs a mod loader for java

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    DirtyDog185 commented

    Please my exact same idea


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    SSSnowyWolf commented

    Yes please! I've been waiting basically a million years for this game on pc when I hd it on Wii U a lot because of mods, and my computers proving troublesomee to get them on Minecraft in game FREE mods would be perfect and just YAS! I wish it was so much easier to get mods on Minecraft.

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    Que tengo que hacer


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    MelonSkrubz commented

    Add this so we can play games and other fun stuff like pixelmon and join servers with mods

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    Ryan Garrett commented

    this won't be added on java because Mojang does not want to promote 3rd party mods. on bedrock all "mods" or whatever you want to call them are thoroughly check for viruses and if they work in minecraft. Mojang won't add this to bedrock either because it would take away sales and they would not get nearly as much money on the market place.

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    this would be a great add on to the store besides skins,and mash up packs

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    WimpyRaptor0 commented

    I can already think of some mods. Advanced Rocketry is AMAZING and should absolutely be added along with Ender IO, Security Craft, MCA, Looking Glass, Malisis Doors (and Switches) and finally Ancient Warfare and ICBM.

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    Thanks 🙏

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    cheridan90 commented
    • This will be good for map creators and a better way to have fun in minecraft with mods
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    • Hi😄
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    Cool !🙂

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    coolman11649 commented

    If this ever does happen I would like to post mods and worlds because I am for one a really good builder and world creater but only partners can post things on the marketplace in Minecraft if you want to contact me my username is coolman11649

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    Plz add xbox data pack's. Ive played this game from when it started


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    benny bunny commented

    in game or probably in the launcher, there would be a new tab with an officially backed mojang hosted server that holds a variety of mods. This tab would include the main screen which can show
    "hot mods" (ones with a lot of traffic in the past 14 days) "Mod(s) of the month" (A section that shows one or multiple interesting mods that are chosen by the boys at mojang."Categories" (mods that are uploaded can have one or more categories assigned to them (with maybe a max of 4 categories to one mod to avoid people just putting all the categories on it) "mod tools and help" (with the eventualTM inclusion of a modding API, the mod downloader should include a tab that goes to either a website or in launcher section that offers download links to modding tools that are provided by mojang. additionally it could provide some starter points on how to get into modding and show specific paths in files, example mods, full videos regarding the modding process etc)

    i saw this post was asking for more info and i hope my comment can get something started for other people in the comments, or the original poster, and especially get juices flowing for the mojang lads. My concept is a little further from just an in-game mod downloader and rather a whole new part of the launcher but i think this is essentially me taking the next step or going to the next level of this concept. good day!