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in-game mod downloader

needs info


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    Perkpala0509 commented

    this whould aalso be a way to ad real mods to bedrock

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    CarryoutSLXD commented

    как скачать???

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    Yay mods PLZ Mojang add this


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    That requires the mod repository to be owned by Mojang, thus will require them to look at the source and compile it themselves due to the legal liability it holds.

    Mojang is a small team by intention and thus this idea will not help them by getting a large of user mods to look at, with a lot lacking any real effort or are intentionally decompiled mods which other users originally made.

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    BoopaHead commented

    this idea is really cool 

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    In fact, Minecraft already has a mod downloader - the marketplace. Unfortunately, only partners are allowed to put their content there.

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    Dylan Teseyra commented

    Si esta muy buena tu idea serviria MUCHO pero que aparescan MODS que la gente los pone en algun sitio web de Minecraft haci aparece en el juego yo creo que seria haci 

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    EmPlaysXD commented

    Please make this happen! Mods need to be able to be bought from the Minecraft store, it will make Minecraft so much better and fun! :)

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    Junevazso commented

    Please let minecraft add this! it would be way easier too download mods with ought having edition to go an expedition for mod packs!


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    Venomray101 commented

    I love mods great idea


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    AlphaBloodBoy commented
    I would like this to be added to Minecraf xbox one because it would make the game much more fun.
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    I have always wanted mods!


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    LeadedInk132 commented

    A problem with this is they would have to find mods off the internet and download those onto the game but some mods wont be allowed since Mojang doesn't want to associate with nudity and graphic content.  So maybe a mod maker in the game would be nice but this entire thing may not be needed since command blocks exist and that's an entirely different topic that i'm not gonna go into. But it could be good for adding mobs and creating new blocks and player to player bug fixes. Its a good idea but it can be semi bypassed.

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    Would it work sort of how Skyrim Special Edition works?

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    Smeeborg commented

    This is awsome you should definitely add mods


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    machandler commented

    A in-game downloader for what? A nonexistent API or a not supported one? Or maybe data packs, but then it would not support multiplayer.

    If you ask me, mojang should just implement forge and stop worrying about villagers. People could make their own changes If a modding framework was implemented into vanilla minecraft.

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    Scarface10030 commented

    I mainly want pixelmon and ftb infinity so i can combine them and optifine too

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    Talgie22890 commented

    I think a separate mod repository from addons would be very beneficial. There should be a sort of disclaimer stating that downloading and using mods is entirely at your own risk. There could and should be a flag system for inappropriate mods that people could use if they're not right or are graphic/nudity.

    I think this would greatly increase the number of bedrock players and eventually result in a bigger fanbase for those who use bedrock versions. This will obviously result in more purchases in the addon market with maps, texture packs, skins, etc. Frankly Mojang/Microsoft is hurting its own sales by not prioritizing this. You should focus on getting more votes for this and people should leave helpful decent comments.

    But overall the ability to include mods from java versions that are built around bedrock instead would be amazingly helpful. The amount of people it'd bring to bedrock Minecraft would be very useful for the community and future sales. It'd be very nice to use certain modpacks, especially ones that use some form of energy or electricity. This is because Minecraft is wonderfully creative but doesn't allow you to progress through tiers, or rather you do so too quickly. Modpacks like those mentioned here results in countless hours of game play because you have to build upon what you have.

    Mod repositories like twitch (formerly curse) already exist. Mojang/Microsoft could really outsource the implementation and for a fraction of the cost have this done as to not interrupt their own projects. Please link and up-vote if you believe this is all applicable and of course comment further. The community help build Minecraft and continues to do so.

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    myles johnson commented

    Please add this ever scence I got Minecraft on my laptop I wanted mods and I didn’t know how to get mods, if this ever happens, if you download a mod and put your account on Xbox or PS4 or another system your account should still have the mods

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    tedi0uslamp commented

    Id spend a whole like $30 on somthin like a volts mod port tbh


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    XerneraC commented

    Mods are a very complicated thing legally and technically. Everybody here who wants mods on bedrock: I'm sorry, but you can forget it. The mod community exists because Minecraft (Java Edition) is written in Java (duh), which is very easy to manipulate. Modding a binary directly (like Minecraft Bedrock Edition) is a bit more complicated. Additionally, Those mods would be platform specific, meaning, that the mod would have to be remade for every version of Minecraft. And any Java Edition mods would have to be completely remade from scratch in a different programming language, which might take months of hard work.

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    Eddie9658 commented

    BlahImp75098094 There is a way to download mode only on Android  (maybe ios idk) you use blocklauncher and you can run bedrock mods on it.

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    Bayu Alhabib commented


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    Fokuthefox commented

    Yes I think mods should be added to console minecraft (Xbox play station swich) this should be an option on the mane menu and it could be like the store but no money pls

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    I personally think that this would be great because many people new to mods will try to download them and get a virus from clicking an add and it would just be much easier to just go to Minecraft.net and be able to have a curseforge like page that would be free of questionable adds.

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    Pascal Anema commented

    How this might work:
    1. There will be an official minecraft website for user created content (users can maybe choose to switch their creations to marketplace from there)
    2. A community of well-known and trusted mod-makers manages the entries in the site (making sure every entry is safe and doesn't break the users' devices)
    3. An interface is built inside the minecraft official launcher to grant access to the resources on the official minecraft mod database (beloning to the website) and thus allow for mod downloading in-launcher.

    A) there are already minecraft launchers from third parties that can do this
    B) this won't be cheap and will only work for Java edition (because adding mods to bedrock is a COMPLETELY different story) - > Microsoft might not allow this because they can't ask money for mods to pay for the infrastructure needed to add this feature
    C) Mojang can't make sure all mods people know and love (even the popular ones) make it to this database (due to legal reasons) and so won't be inclusive

    Besides.. It's not that hard to get mods right now, and this feature won't be able to get mods into bedrock (and they probably also won't come to bedrock)

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    skizotoro commented

    This would be much safer for most users, as the "official" download link for most mods almost always involves dodgy ads and fake virus-download links. Making an official channel would ensure this is viewed as not okay.

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    zontor879 commented

    Maybe something like the steam workshop, with an upvote and downvote system, that way the community can push good mods to the top, and mods that have little to no effort put in can be downvoted due to lack of work put into them.

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    In game mod downloader on console please



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    Grimm 2003 commented

    Or just add an ingame mod launcher without having to download forge, blocklauncher and a Minecraft launcher.