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    UtterMilk16243 commented

    /inventory [playername]? I've thought about that for a long time


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    MukiTanuki commented

    A command like this already exists?

    Use /data get entity @p Inventory

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    PoolloverNathan commented

    Command format:

    • /see <target:target> inv // Shows the player's inventory - Original
    • /see <target:target> am // Shows the player's armor, offhand, and armor - I added
    • /see <target:target> ec // Shows the player's Ender Chest - I added
    • /see <target:target> stt // Shows the player's Health, Hunger, Armor Level, and Air Level - A Grass Block appears next to the Air level if the player is on land, and a Water Block if the player is in the water. (Lava block if lava)

    Interface permissions:

    • Read
    • Add Items
    • Remove items added in this instance

    Command permissions (Bedrock):

    • Open Containers (Required)

    Command permissions (Win7, Mac, and Linux):

               minecraft pc does not have "permissions" so everyone can do this

    The UI disappears when the player dies.

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    PoolloverNathan commented

    @MukiTanuki that only works on pc

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    TangentBeetle83 commented

    this should go in to bedrock also be able to see echest


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    tim123456789090 commented

    I agree when its my world then I want to have control over player inventorys and enderchests so they cant just take stuff from me because I cant even acces it anymore...why arent there private chests...its like the first thing that should have gone in this game since its multyplayer.

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    OrlaDog commented

    /replaceitem entity [entity] inventory.0

      could be replaced with

    /inventory replace entity [entity] inventory.0

      and this could be

    /inventory open canmodify entity [entity] inventory

    /inventory open nomodify entity [entity] inventory

    /inventory open giveonly entity [entity] inventory

    /inventory open takeonly entity [entity] inventory

      It would also work with blocks and non-player entities

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