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/see inventory [player name]

under review


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    /inventory [playername]? I've thought about that for a long time


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    MukiTanuki commented

    A command like this already exists?

    Use /data get entity @p Inventory

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    Command format:

    • /see <target:target> inv // Shows the player's inventory - Original
    • /see <target:target> am // Shows the player's armor, offhand, and armor - I added
    • /see <target:target> ec // Shows the player's Ender Chest - I added
    • /see <target:target> stt // Shows the player's Health, Hunger, Armor Level, and Air Level - A Grass Block appears next to the Air level if the player is on land, and a Water Block if the player is in the water. (Lava block if lava)

    Interface permissions:

    • Read
    • Add Items
    • Remove items added in this instance

    Command permissions (Bedrock):

    • Open Containers (Required)

    Command permissions (Win7, Mac, and Linux):

               minecraft pc does not have "permissions" so everyone can do this

    The UI disappears when the player dies.

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    @MukiTanuki that only works on pc

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    this should go in to bedrock also be able to see echest


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    I agree when its my world then I want to have control over player inventorys and enderchests so they cant just take stuff from me because I cant even acces it anymore...why arent there private chests...its like the first thing that should have gone in this game since its multyplayer.

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    OrlaDog commented

    /replaceitem entity [entity] inventory.0

      could be replaced with

    /inventory replace entity [entity] inventory.0

      and this could be

    /inventory open canmodify entity [entity] inventory

    /inventory open nomodify entity [entity] inventory

    /inventory open giveonly entity [entity] inventory

    /inventory open takeonly entity [entity] inventory

      It would also work with blocks and non-player entities

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    As MukiTanuki said, you can get any player's entire inventory using:

    /data get entity @p Inventory

    To get the name of an item in a player's inventory, you can use the index of the inventory (starting from zero), followed by a dot operator and the name of the NBT property (what I mean by NBT property will make sense if you use the command I gave above to look at your inventory), like this:

    /data get entity @p Inventory[0].id

    (Where Inventory is an NBT property, 0 is the first item in the inventory array, and id is an NBT property within the item object in the inventory array)

    If you want to find if a player has an item, you can use the /execute command and test for player NBT:

    /execute if entity @p[nbt = {Inventory: [{id: "minecraft:iron_sword"}]}] run say Hi

    (Says hi only if the player has the selected item somewhere in their inventory)

    To give a player an item, you can use the /give command. To remove an item from a player, you can use the /clear command.

    /give @p minecraft:stone_sword 1

    /clear @p minecraft:stone_sword 1

    @PoolloverNathan If /data only works on the Java Edition (I don't know, I don't use PE or Bedrock), really this should be a request to bring /data to the other versions in my opinion, rather than adding a new command.

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    Q bien me encantó el comando


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    This sounds super useful! If this happens then its gona be so easy to play minigames/templates with my friends!


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    LDMGamingYT commented

    maybe /invsee <playername> could work

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    I want this in Minecraft so I could see my friends and Stuff

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    corbincam06 commented

    i honestly think looking into there inventorys would help on servers (to find hackers, cheaters, scamers, etc. but being able to TAKE or REMOVE an item is wrong, your friend could just d the command and take all your op stuff, but then again /clear exists so i guess it wouldnt matter, so i guess add it, either way it doesnt matter.

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    concon moody commented

    I actually thought that already existed but I was wrong 

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    HOLLYWOODLEIA commented

    that sounds prettty cool


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    HOLLYWOODLEIA commented

    that sounds prettty cool


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    I would just probably troll my brother on Minecraft.  Or give him diamonds 💎  

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    I think there should be a way to copy another player's inventory

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    amrtarek ct commented

    /inventory could be better to do more function for a player/s inventory/ies & it could give the access to replace /clear
    For Examble: /inventory clear @p [item] [count]

    & still can check the items in player's/s' inventroy/ies by /inventory check [Entity] (Can aslo give the access to check Entities that have invntory)
    It could also replace /replace item with:

    /inventory edit [slot] [item]

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    amrtarek ct commented

    It could also check items in chest
    For Examble: /inventroy check Entity/Block [Entity/Block]

    & Ender Chests by /invntory check @p Inventroy/EnderChest

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    amrtarek ct commented

    Not only chest but all containrs

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    what to see this Xbox One please.



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    notold1234 commented

    I love this idea for Java Edition especially you can give enchanted items to players without one big long command.

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    While that can technically already be done, simplifying a command is always nice!

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    Great for seevers

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    Dagans Mind commented

    This would be very good for server admins who want to take and give items to users quicker and easier. Like it.

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    this wouild be uesfull. I would also like it if u were able to take stuff from their inventory