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The Beaver Dam, The Beaver, Stick Block

under review


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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Great idea! I had been thinking of suggesting something like this myself.  I have a few suggestions though. 

    I think they should be totally passive and untameable.  Also, beavers are herbivores, eating only algae and birch leaves.  Not fish.

    Beavers should create stick blocks and stick blocks should drop sticks (similar to the dead bush) when mined.  They should not be craftable, and only mineable with a silk touch axe.

    Beaver skins should be used to craft leather, like the rabbit skin.

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    Ian Sommer commented

    It's a good Idea but they should spawn near or in rivers and you shouldn't be able to be tamed

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    SupersuMC commented

    Woah, woah, woah! That beaver skin armor sounds enormously OP just from it having the durability of iron armor! Why not use two beaver skins to craft one piece of leather instead?

    The idea of beavers helping defend you makes sense - those teeth are nasty when they bite you.

    I suggest having the beaver dams spawn in rivers, though, and that wolves are hostile to the rodents.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Beavers should be hostile to untamed wolves, also.  There have been cases where a large beaver has literally torn a fox to shreds because it got too close to the lodge.

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    Martin Villa commented

    It should exist but in rivers and make the stick block smelt less blocks in a furnace. The beaver skin armour should provide the same protection as leather and a durability in between leather and iron, the only efects it should have are the mining underwater faster and more respiracion not unlimeted about double

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    Geisl01 commented

    Fascinating idea. I'm intrigued. 


    The stick block does sound a bit odd but then again such an idea- perhaps a "thatch" or "wicker" block? - would be intriguing for use in all kinds of other builds from fences to roofs, to wasteland-like fields and more. Interesting.

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    Blast Burner commented

    I like it.

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    Zamfield commented

    Was going to post the same idea, but will add comments here instead.  I think beavers would be best if they weren't as overpowered as you suggest.

    • Rare spawn rate
    • Spawns in birch forests which are currently rather empty.
    • Requires a natural stream and a non-flat geography that could be flooded
    • Passive and untamable.
    • Thins out the forests, leaving behind birch trunks on the ground with bark intact.
    • Leaves behind planted birch saplings after it chews down a tree.
    • Turns streams into ponds or lakes using stripped birch wood for damming the stream.
    • The dam logs could slowly convert to soil leaving behind natural pond areas.
    • Would be best if they were combined with a change that allowed sticks to be placed as a block.
    • If you don't want stick blocks, then dead bushes might achieve the same look.
    • Makes a beaver hut
    • Tail slaps the water when it detects intruders, or when it plays around.
    • Flee into beaver hut when startled.
    • Could drop beaver tails that can be used for making aquatic armor if killed.
    • Beaver tail could be made into a soup/stew, or used for brewing.
    • Swimming animation, tree chewing animate, building, and stick dragging animations

    Thanks for suggesting this idea.

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    beavers breathe air. They could just hold their breath for a long time. Therefore, the player should not get infinite water breathing.

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    I agree except for the absurdly OP Armour

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    Wouldn't it be a little more realistic for dam's to have a chance to spawn in river biomes?

    Also, that beaver's skin is TOUGH if it makes armor that good! (Imbalanced)

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    Dante Vara commented

    Make the armor a bit less OP...

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    I think beaver dams should be a bit more common than witches huts

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    J1GGLYP1KACHU commented


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    john krug commented

    My thought on the idea: Passive to anything unless near to the den. When killed drop XP and only sometimes leather, and VERY rarely, beaver fur. Beaver fur can b made into a beaver hat which can be put on your head. The hat can be used for when you are going into beaver den's so they don't attack you. You can't tame them, but breed them by potatoes

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    LoyalSwan commented

    Way to OP

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    I think it’s a good idea but no unlimited water breathing, and maybe armour is just as strong as iron, or it’s too OP

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    it would make more sense to have Beaver's spawn in river's or ponds but still having what i consider to be the national animal of Canada would be very cool seeing these hard working rodent's in this game

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    Joey Feibel commented

    I agree, as the traditional dog and cat (formerly the tamed version of the ocelot) have gotten old. Feel like a beaver as a new tamable animal would be good for the 1.15 update! I feel the concept of the beavers + beaver den might be good for the swamp biome (for the voting event on Sept.28).

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    I like the idea except for the armor which honestly makes no sense this is BEAVER SKIN. Other than that I love the idea and I think it will be a nice little detail to the game. 

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    You should also be able to tame beavers to fight off drowned.


    Beavers should also be able to cut down trees;

    they/the players should also be able to peel logs on one side instead of all the sides.

    Maybe the stick block could be called a stick bundle??? Just brainstorming...

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    domskiyo commented

    INFINITE BREATHING. don't you mean CREATIVE without flying and blocks. Pretty much perfect except the breathing bit. You have my support.