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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture. No guns.


Poseidon's Trident


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    fidelianerina commented

    Check the 1.13 update. There is already a trident.

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    You have a point


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    Although the trident is already in 1.13, I think the regular trident and Poseidon's trident could be two different things. Plus, adding Poseidon's trident would add some greek mythology to Minecraft which I think would be really cool! ;D

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    Starz Munch commented

    No, I have a theory about minecraft (well not my idea), the two People in the end poem are any gods you believe in, because of this, one say's "Who are we? Once we were called the spirit of the mountain, Father sun, Mother moon, Ancestral spirit's, animal spirit's, Ghost's, The green man, Then god's, fallen, angel's, Poltergeist's, Alien's, extraterrestrial's, Lepton's, quark's, The word's change, We do not change" So just rename it is what I'm saying

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    StagmanOG commented

    I do like greek myths but it does not really fit with the lore of Minecraft. Maybe they'll make a spin-off game like Minecraft Dungeons about Greek myths.

    A way it could be implemented though is by adding Cyclopes to Minecraft.

    They would live underground in a cave biome called TARTARUS.

    In this biome you would find big forges full of Magma blocks and Anvils these Cyclopes would be Hostile mobs that if Killed have a chance of dropping 1 of 3 items

    -Zeus' ThunderBolt

    -Poseidon's Trident

    -The Helmet of Darkness

    In the myths the Gods were trying to defeat the Titans and they needed weopons. So they asked the Elder cyclopes and the Hundred-Handed ones for help. They got their weopons and defeated the Titans.

    If this was added it would connect Minecraft to ancient Greece and all that weird stuff where Gods have children with their sisters though and that is not a good thing for a game played by children.