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sleeping anytime of the day

under review


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    Perhaps shift right-clicking on a bed (instead of normal right-clicking) could be the mechanism for "laying down" without sleeping, at any time of day. I like this idea.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    What would be the use, why would you want to lay down in the day when you could be getting iron or something, and laying down in the night also seems useless, why would you need to lay down at night and not sleep, there has to be a reason for this to be added to minecraft!

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    How about your able to sleep anywhere, but without a bed, but it results in a negative effect and not setting a spawn point.

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    The reason people want to sleep at any time is just because role playing and just being silly in general is actually a lot of fun! So technically it's not entirely useless. But I do think you should be able to regenerate some health while lying down, no matter how hungry Steve is.

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    frawddigger commented

    Sleep as currently used in minecraft simply allows players to get through night without spawning mobs. It has to be done by everybody in the game so that players do not get out of sync with daytime/nighttime. If sleep during the day was allowed, once again, all players in the world would have to sleep at the same time.

    Finally, what benefit would there be to simply lying down on a bed? Maybe increase the speed at which you heal?

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    Abjust123 commented

    Yes, and many people like to take a nap in the noon.

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    Sounds to easy to manipulate moon phase.

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    sounds super useful

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    Nice idea


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    TrulyTails commented

    Sleeping from day > to night would be great if you need some mobs early game.

    Laying down has no point tbh, except for role play. 

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    GodRage Aonwa commented

    Laying in the bed during daytime will allow players to set their respawn point there, without needing to wait the night. And this would be a great add to the game. :)

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    Hulunabc commented

    Good idea. Just like in Survivalcraft, players can sleep whenever they want.

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    this should regenerate health or hunger

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    For Captain Kcaz, sometimes you may want to have time to think without going AFK, which can be risky if mobs get into your base, but not shut down your computer/ tablet, which would stop game ticks.

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    Sería buena idea que podamos dormir a cualquier en especial al medio día por que después de almorzar algunos duermen

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    JustNrik commented

    I would like this if this increases the random tick speed by 1~3 (let's say, +1 if morning, +2 if noon/early night, +3 midnight)

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    and have the option to chose at night if you whant to sleep or just to lay down

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    avari six commented

    This is the way I imagine the mechanic would work:

    You can right-click to lie down in a bed any time, and just like on multi-player servers, if it is daytime and not thundering, or there are other players not sleeping, you will just lie there.

    When night or a thunderstorm arrives, if all players logged in are also in bed, the normal amount of time will be skipped as usual except you are not kicked out of bed when the day comes. You still lie in the bed (like you're sleeping in), until you click "Leave Bed". I think this adds the nice touch that getting out of bed is an active choice you must make, rather than something that just happens to you.

    This would also make AFK-ing in the overworld less annoying to other players on small servers, since you could lie in bed constantly, and keep skipping the night whenever all the other players go to bed.

    Additionally, for people who like to role play their Minecraft adventures, it gives a player the opportunity to yawn, rub their eyes, and say "A big day today, need to get an early start!", click "Leave Bed", and then do a few stretches.

    Feels more natural than the current "ok, time to sleep"... "eyes closing"..."GAH! It's daytime!". It makes Steve seem like he's always waking up from nightmares.

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    Sense no one addressed this, there are benifits to this. And a way to make this less reliant on other players in MP. 

    1. The Advantages. 
    You just got back from a mining trip, loaded up your auto-smelter, and just feel like chilling while you wait. Why not lay down in bed without sleeping and maybe have a slow health regeneration affect. 

    Why do this at night?
    Maybe you need to go AFK or something and rather than standing while mobs spawn, just lay in the bed. (Which you can do in MP. You can lay in bed and get the eyes closed animation and "sleep but not sleep") 

    To make either more useful and effective, rather than "skipping the night" this alternate use can simply make it so mobs do not spawn in X radios around you. Or, you can make this the normal function and in the event you are in SP or everyone on the server sleeps, the game can prompt all players asking if they want to sleep through the night before progressing to do so. Both are simple, and they give the bed a dynamic use outside of just "skip the night".

    As someone above stated and I agree with, this is also useful for Role Playing (if your into that sort of thing, I wont judge). Case and point, not the worst idea but I do not see it being a priority addition either. 

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    leondsl commented

    I always disliked not being able to use the bed during day and instead have to wait for the night in order to save my position.

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    GailoGirl commented

    Diese Idee ist toll wenn man zum Bsp. Monsterjagen will und es Tag ist

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    Martin Villa commented

    3 uses:

    1.role play

    2.setting spawn point during the day

    3. regenerating health no matter who hungry you are

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    A2M 423 commented

    I agree with the above, the player should have the liberty and initiative to enter and leave the bed at anytime wanted, but I think that you should olny skip time from afternoon to morning, like until now. That way it wouldn't mess up the gameplay.

    I like also the idea of slow regeneration independent of hunger level (like resting when sick), but it should be slower than eating regeneration and peaceful regeneration, but you could add up the effect to those methods. That way, hard and hardcore modes would still be challenging. If it wheren't that way, the players could encase themselves with blocks and a bed, then wait a couple of seconds, and fill health. So it needs to be, like four times slower than "eating regeneration", but if you have your hunger bar full, and lay down in bed, the regeneration would be a bit more faster than simply filling your hunger bar.

    If bed regeneration weren't implemented, it would still be fine (at least for me), however would be more "realistic" if it did.

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    ZETHAN99 commented

    Hmm... Sounds like a good idea! Maybe you could also sleep anywhere, but you would get a slowness effect when you woke up, probably due to the ground being uncomfortable. Maybe you could regain health quicker when laying in bed in the daytime, no matter how hungry you are (unless you're starving)?

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    amrtarek ct commented

    Seems useless but from my view pint it could be better if they added sleeping-cycle so you can't sleep at day if you already sleeped at night(when you sleep the day comes) & also you can skip the night to sleep at day (when you sleep the night comes) & you can't "sleep" unless the cycle of day/night moves (day comes night goes or night comes day goes) & still able to "risk" on it you won't change the cycle of day/night & to make a diffrent between "sleeping" & "risking" when you sleep you can see the screen goes black (closing eye) but when you risk nothing change

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    I would add some option using the clock to chose the time you wake up. Perhaps right clicking the clock on the bed would bring up a simple interface to choose when you wake up. Perhaps 8 different times: midnight, mid-day, dawn, dusk and the four times half way between each of those.

    You could use this to:
    - make sure you are up at sunrise rather than just after sunrise as is the case now.
    - sleep less than 10 minutes as the player doesn't actually need to sleep.
    - sleep until night if they want to interact with night time mobs for example.

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    CycloneDusk commented

    Yeah I like it. People who ask "why, this is useless" show a repugnant lack of imagination. Gold armor is useless. Diamond hoes are useless. Smelting diamond, redstone, emerald, lapis, or coal ore is useless, BUT YOU CAN STILL DO IT ANYWAY. "It's Useless!" IS NOT AN ARGUMENT. Prove there are actual REASONS why not, or keep your mouth shut.

    I for one wish there were minor status effects you could get from taking a nap. A "well rested" bonus of haste, a little absorption, some resistance, some strength, and some swiftness for 3:00, and some weak regeneration for 1:00, and refilling saturation (the saturation stat is capped as equal to your hunger bar, so you should go to bed with a full stomach to get the most of this).

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    Very relatable

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    nonriskykid commented

    perhaps also making a feature that lets you skip the day and turn it to night? I'm tired of looking for mobs then not finding them and doing nothing for the entire minecraft day.

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    Narrm commented

    I want it to be like that