How can we make the biomes and dimensions you explore better? What biomes or dimensions are we currently missing? Why do we need them and what makes them unique?

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I have a solution for this that I sent to Mojang.  I would have submitted it here, but I can't submit PDFs.

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    Riolubruh commented

    Honestly, I don't agree, and I think the opposite should be true again, because I find it kind of funny when there are floating islands in mountains, and really random biomes (such as snow next to desert, as you mentioned) just placed randomly.

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    Jose Hernandez commented

    Personally I would like to see a change in how mountains generate. It always bothered me that the extreme hills biomes never really took advantage of the game's full height limit. I just want to see a magnificent mountain range that doesn't get easily dwarfed by something I build (or that just looks cool in the distance).

    Alternatively, Mojang could create a whole new biome (Mountain Biome) that would coexist with the extreme hills biome. 

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    Weegee Doggo commented

    I like this idea, and if anyone still wants snowy next to deserts, maybe there can be a custom worldgen option for that

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    Uruwi commented

    Release 1.7 (Java edition version number) made awkward biome combinations less frequent, but I think I prefer the pre-Beta 1.8 method of making biome temperature dependent on the z-coordinate.

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    StodgyCross4 commented

    I would like this to be added, but there should also be an option to toggle the world generation we currently have on or off, if on, the world can have weird biome generations (including a bizarre snow and desert biome next to each other), if off, the realistic generations would occur instead.

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