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Please read the pinned post on creating new biomes and dimensions. Remember that individual items, mobs, and structures should still go in their own categories - this is not a category for entire updates.


Personal Dimension


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    jonrock88 commented
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    and Maybe some glowing obsibion.

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    This brings back vibes of Skyblock. There's something very satisfying about expanding and sculpting a small new world. I have some suggestions to polish the idea.

    Purpur blocks are made of chorus fruit (eating it makes you teleport). The portal could be made of purpur blocks in a ring on the ground. Throwing an ender eye above the portal could cause it to fly in and activate it. The inner dimension should have a linked portal made of bedrock, like the dragon fountain in the end. The dimension could be a flat, floating end island with a blackish skybox, similar to the end. No creepy, glitchy music - just silence. It is just for building a secret base.

    I don't really think this should be a private dimension though - just a secret one. The portal should link to a dimension that was created for the player that activated it. Each of that player's portals should link to the same personal dimension, same island, same bedrock landing pad. When they exit the dimension they should teleport to the oldest, still active portal that was created by them. This provides an almost instant method of 1 way teleportation.

    There should be one dimension per player and they can be accessed by any portal that was activated by that player. Players are free to visit other player's portals and their linked dimensions. If a griefer deactivates the last portal, players inside will teleport back to that location by default anyway. If a griefer reactivates a portal, it links to their own dimension. Thus dimensions can be protected by a player by just deactivating them. If that doesn't work, just have have the current chunk determine which dimension a portal links to.

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    This'll be great for maps and stuff