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controller support on java edition


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    Ellivers commented

    Yes, that's a really good idea!!

    Especially if you could customize the controller controls like you currently can customize the keyboard controls (when a controller is connected/detected).

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    Netwin commented

    If this gets done you could imagine connecting a pc to a television to emulate the Console Edition experience with the Java Edition. It may even inspire to make the Java Edition playable on the Xbox One X, or at least inspire to support the Console Edition a little longer on Xbox One or expand the 'Bedrock Edition' with options on the Xbox One for being like the Console Edition. Whatever this may lead to, an awesome idea!

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    Donnylink commented

    We can keep dreaming but Microsoft basically wants you to stop using the Java version and get the Windows 10 edition. That way you will have to stick with Windows as well. 


    I'm a Linux user and would love controller support. It has been done previously with mods and therefor it is possible to do.

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    Xavier Hervy commented

    Running Linux, with the Steam Controller. Work like a charm.

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    This has less votes than expected. I know more than forty somewhat people want Controller support.

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    Korrigan8 commented

    I wanted this to be added to java for a long time and now it's the right time to do it with 1.14. #ControllerForJava


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    Kiwipaxel commented

    Controller support for the Java edition, would be fantastic its something I've wanted from an accessibility perspective for awhile.

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    Seriously, this is a good idea.

    I just got a new controller for my PC, and I was surprised to find out that Minecraft didn't have proper controller support for Java Edition. I think at the very least, they could have Xbox controller support for plug-in controller play.

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    Kaja3GD commented

    When playing minecraft, I feel that I do best every time when playing with a controller. PvP? Best with a controller (by a lot). Building? Easiest with a controller. Basically any aspect of Minecraft can be made easier, more comfortable, or faster with a controller. I strongly support this as an update for Minecraft.

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    Bought the Java version before I even checked... would not have bought it had I known it did not have controller support. I like to relax when I play... controllers are comfortable and I can lean back. Keyboard and mouse may be more accurate, but it is not relaxing.