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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways" slabs.




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    Oui mais explique-nous pourquoi ce serait une bonne idée, comment ça marcherait, comment l'obtenir, etc.

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    I had the same idea as this guy, and my post was deleted in order to keep everything neat, so I'm putting my post here instead. I've also made some edits to my original design:

    Description: The Blowgun is a ranged weapon. It resembles a hollowed out bamboo and fires poison darts.

    1. Type: Combat
    2. Durability: 137
    3. Renewable: Yes
    4. Stackable: No
    5. Sounds: Puff (Heard only by the user.)


    • Crafting - The blowgun is crafted by placing two bamboos horizontally next to each other anywhere in the crafting overlay. It can also be crafted by combining two damaged blowguns together to combine their durability. There is no bonus durability from either of these.


    • Ranged - The Blowgun must be loaded by using it, then used again to fire. You must have at least one Dart in your inventory to use it, or be in creative mode. When the Blowgun is being loaded, the player is forced to move at a sneaking pace. When a dart is being loaded, the avatar quickly places a dart into the end towards the player. This takes 0.2 seconds. When the blowgun is loaded, it doesn't appear any different, but the blowgun is held up the avatar's mouth, ready to fire. When a dart is fired, one bubble of breath is taken from the player, and the dart flies. It is not suggested to spam this, as it will not make a difference without Sting on it, and the blowdart is capable of causing suffocation. The dart flies considerably faster than the arrow and is unaffected by gravity, however, deals no actual damage. When another player or mob is hit, there is no damage indication tic or knockback. The target is hit only with 10 seconds of poison and will have never heard a sound. Darts can still be blocked by shields, and cannot harm Endermen.
    • Enchantments -  Shown below. (Puff, Sting, and Knockout are all incompatible with each other. Only one can be used at a time. All others can be used together, however.)
    1. Puff [Levels - 1]: Firing the Blowgun no longer takes any breath. However, the light puff sound that you only heard before is now heard by everyone within 10 blocks. I know, it's a stupid downside, But it kind of made sense.
    2. Sting [Levels - 3]: For each level, one damage is dealt with the target. The target now hears and feels the damage indication tic, but still receives no knockback. All armor effect is halved against the damage of a Sting dart. Darts get through the cracks. Damage is not affected my strength or weakness effects.
    3. Knockout [Levels - 2]: For each level, either slowness II or slowness IV is cast onto the target for 10 seconds, as well as 5 seconds of nausea after 5 seconds of being hit.
    4. Unbreaking [Levels - 3]: Known enchant.
    5. Mending [Levels - 1]: Known enchant.
    6. Curse of Vanishing: Known enchant.
    • Fuel - The blowdart is good for 0.5 items worth of smelting. (It is not recommended to use this item as fuel.)

    Darts: The blowgun may be easy to get, but the darts aren't. In order to obtain darts, the player must brew spiders eye into feathers on a brewing stand. I'll explain my reasoning behind this below. Darts have a red core with a black feathered behind. When darts hit a mob, player, or block, only the black backside is visible. Unlike arrows, darts cannot push buttons and trapdoors when shot at them.

    1. Stackable: 64

    In-Game Application: The blowgun would be a valuable contribution because of the unique combat styles it helps kickstart. While it would not make for an excellent primary attack weapon, making up the bulk of your strategy and damage output, it would be great for being a secondary. It's just something you use to weaken your opponent before they even know your there, then charge in with your real damage to finish the job. This is why I made the darts difficult to use, to encourage intelligent use of this weapons effects.

    While I can see this weapon being overshadowed by the overall DPS meta, I have an appreciation for how this weapon is handled against both other players and mobs. It is also a ridiculous idea not to add this in, especially after bamboo was added in the first place.

    Thank you for considering my suggestion. More to come.

    I'll be reposting my other deleted takes on common ideas in the same way that I did here. Shame this probably won't be seen as much.

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    Mad3nder, Your Idea looks great and I love seeing Ideas that are well thought out ideas vs just "we should have blow guns"


    I think your version of this weapon is better than mine But I will post it anyway. maybe you can steal something from it to improve your version even more.



    The poisoned dart and blowgun is a ranged weapon that is less about the initial damage that is caused by the dart that is very little (.5 – 1 heart) and more on the lasting effect that's not to say that the darts themselves cant be an effective weapon when used with a little skill. Given that the blow gun can be fired 3 times a second if you manage to land all 3 darts on your target you will deal about as much damage as an arrow from a bow. But like I said that is not what this weapon is about. The blow gun shoots a dart that if poisoned inflicts damage over several seconds 1-5 seconds chosen at random dealing .5, - 1 damage per second. Darts, like arrows can be made to do other interesting things like slowness but for a shorter duration compared to the arrow counterparts. Effects could stack on top of one an other but not on top of themselves. for example a player could be hit by poison, slowness, and blindness and would experience all of those effects and would take all the base damage from the darts.

    However getting hit with 2x poison darts would not poison the double causing him or her to take 1-2 damage per second over 5 seconds.



    Possible Crafting-


    Blow Gun = 2x reads (bamboo)


    0 B

    0 B = 1x Blow Gun



    Poisoned darts = sweet berry (B), spider's eye (S), Iron Nugget (N)


    0 0 0

    B S N

    0 0 0





    The Blow Gun can take the same enchantments as the bow except for infinity.





    The Ender Dart is a dart with a special property and can only be obtained by villager trade. Its special ability is that it teleports the target mob to the shooter within 3 blocks this dart deals no damage. This can have many uses but primarily in battle it can be used to aid in finishing off a retreating player. But has the risk of teleporting the target behind you giving them an attack of opportunity. It can be used to remove players from the field of battle and also has adventuring applications as well.


    Phased- When a player is hit with an Ender Dart they are given an effect called Phased tat lasts for 2 min this prevents the player from being teleported again against their will. (doesn't impact Ender Pearl teleportation )


    Potion of phased – a player may want to craft a potion of phased to drink to prevent being teleported the potion would last longer than the effect obtained from being hit with an Ender Dart





    Hey everyone thanks taking the time to read my Idea post. This as well as all of my Ideas are open to comments. If you would like to expand upon the idea please leave a comment and lets discuss it. Please check out my profile to see my other ideas! Thanks in advance for all of you comments (and hopefully votes)




    Happy Crafting



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    Good idea but I think we already have enough range weapons in the game