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Bandit illager


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    CrazyChick475 commented

    Ooooooh they could spawn into forests

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    I think "Bandits" are too similar to Pillagers, but maybe Mojang could add some of these features to Pillagers. I'd like to see a Pillager hideout with beast stables and such in the game!

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    garbinardal10 commented

    Maybe bandits could be a more sneaky and subtle to avoid iron golems and village gaurds (which in my opinion, need to be added!)

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    JurscBeaver commented

    @InfiniteAura392- I agree, but I posted this idea before those were introduced. I like your suggestion, and maybe add some biome specifics to them as well.

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    Great idea! But I think that instead of just heading in random directions, they sure head for nearby villages and plunder them. That way, the player knows where the bandits got their treasure. Also, I think that they should be invisible when they plunder a village, that way OP Iron Golems can’t see them and destroy them. 

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    Makaneek commented

    very interesting.