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    MacchuPicchu96 commented

    Il me semble avoir lu quelque part que le jeu n'a pas moyen de savoir quand tu es dans une caverne, rendant la troisième idée impossible...ai-je tort?

    Les sons de vent, par contre, ça, ça me dit bien

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    aypiman commented

    The blocks in the caves are different they are "minecraft:cave air". Sorry for my english.

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    Vladu11 commented

    This needs to be added! Great idea!

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    MrS4nsN0m commented

    Best update theme ever !!! Add this Mojang pls

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    Gaellyx commented

    Add ambient sound will allow an incredible immersion in the adventure Minecraft, it will be a very good update.I hope they will add it

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    agrastiOs commented

    Yes! Please port the cave noises from Java edition to Minecraft Bedrock.

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    rambovic45 commented



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    MarbleRain26 commented

    maybe a special block could be used to make some of the ambient sounds (like birds chirping, wave sounds or waterfall sounds) as an alternative if the full idea isn't able to be implemented.

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    KeaneDaddy commented

    Waterfall sounds too!!

    They were unused after all

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    KingPopcornYT commented

    maybe each biome gets there own sounds, for example jungle biome has all kind of different birds chirping and like animals sounds.

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    waterforestnymph commented

    i think the cave sounds are super unnerving already! they definitely keep me ON MY TOES whenever i'm mining!! man, some of them are really... ...horrifying. especially when you know theres mobs nearby. 

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    Hyrum Dickson commented

    Ambient sounds would also add a lot to the experience of exploring structures!

    • Nether Fortress- More spooky sounds
    • Woodland Mansion- Eerie sounds
    • Desert/Jungle Temple- Mystic Choir Chords
    • Village- Talking ambiance
    • etc.....
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    FoulerTripod363 commented

    ya bird is a good idea

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    Mc Rat commented

    Nether Ambiance

    Like vibrations / earthquakes at times, and distant Ghast cries echoing

    End Ambiance

    Endermen noises in the distance, and Shulker noises if you're near an End City. End could have a constant ominous humming background noise.

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