Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things!

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    MachoMike1 commented

    I love this idea! Much like customizing a shield with a banner customize your bed!
    Seems fun and good for interior decorating!

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    hari om commented

    i like this idea,but as machomike say shield should also include pattern.many game include different style shield.i even think this is more important than beds.we all have own choice so in multiplayer etc. we recognize each other by seeing this.
    after thise,minecraft will be more personalise

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    Kevin Barnes commented

    I agree this would look really cool.

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    Smuel Guy commented


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    thevampire1221 commented

    I like the idea and want it added

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    XxAbbeycatxX154 commented

    People would love this idea so much expecially the ones that are so detailed with designing banners so cool

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    Zackeroni9 commented

    This is a great idea. Decorating would be a lot more fun, and I think it would be a feature that isn't much for function, but just for pleasure. I also think it should be similar for chest-plates to have the same function, but you're only able to put a Mojang symbol, a creeper face, flower design, or skull design on it. It would function just like mob heads, where having a chest-plate with a creeper face on it would have creepers not notice you from far off.

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    disboi12 commented



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    Ted Ronald commented

    so want this, it would be a great way to personalize your bed.

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    ozse_gabor commented

    I absolutely love this, in fact, had I not seen this thread I'd have suggested it myself. Multiple color choice for beds is great, but we need more. Applying patterns to beds would be one step in the right direction, and it could also add the new loom much-needed functionality.

    I'd also add that beds should also have different frames based on the wood that was used for crafting. The item name should be simply "Bed", with a tooltip underneath it telling what it's made of eg:


    oak frame

    red sheet

    creeper pattern

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    Joshua Hardin commented

    As long as Bedrock gets it I'm for it!

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    JetAgenda0307 commented


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    Durjam commented

    Perfectly fitting with the new loom to craft them!

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    BendingCape837 commented

    This will add a whole new level for beds! This should be added in

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    Melissa K. commented

    I  I watch your videos and I have seen your animal bed designs and my favourite was the creeper face!


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    BeadyBelt91864 commented

    Under review. :)

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    OneUnkn0wnGuy commented

    Theres a resource pack for that which means if the bed is a different color it will have a different design, only for bedrock edition though, here's the link: http://mcpedl.com/fancy-beds-texture-pack/

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    a human commented
    could be made with the loom
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    Thbosboii93 commented

    I agree ,and i had similar idea except with leather armor


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    Adrian MCD commented

    I found this feedback site because I had this same idea in my mind and I wanted to share it to Mojang and the community. Didn’t know my idea had over 700 votes already xD. This feature should be definitely added to the game :)

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    SupremeiumDalek commented

    I think this would be a great idea. I think it would also be a good idea to use banners AS beds but they dont set your spawn... they only skip day.

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    Walrusman 180 commented


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    enderGuardian46 commented

    This is a great idea but I can imagine it make worlds more laggy if a lot of people have different designs.

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    Calev Berger commented

    Make it like this: You need a crafting table; the bed goes in the middle, the sheet design at the bottom-middle, the pillow design goes in the right-middle and the left-middle for the blanket design.

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    Sunny Bossom commented

    Great idea!


    They should also make it so we can add banner designs to shields [bedrock + pocket editions]

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    Joecrafter06 commented

    Yes!! Great Idea. We can have custom beds!!

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    StagmanOG commented

    So happy it is Under Review

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