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Pirate Speak for Bedrock


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    I fully agree. I'd love to see it again, it's been gone ever since I stopped playing on pc, I only got xbox now. I'd love to see pirate speech Ingame again

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    that will be soo cool if it happens i am a huge fan of sea of theives and minecraft and would like to the see the language to be a little different 

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    SolarSimon DM commented
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    May the wind favour our sails, lads.

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    ShinyMooTank commented
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    I would enjoy using the pirate speak/language on Minecraft bedrock, but I don’t know if it would be widely used or not. I don’t think that many people use it on java edition. 

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    Im going to try copying the .LANG file from java into a resource pack in bedrock

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    well that didnt work :/

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    and yes I changed the really technical looking .json files so that I added it so it was like all the others

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    Pls add it it would be nice