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Blue ice fast transport


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    Interesting argument, you have my vote. Am I correct in recognizing you from the SciCraft server?

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    I hope what they do is allow a technicial system that goes faster than the ice, rather than nerf the new ice.  Although, given that they have continued to patch all the travel methods that technical players have come up with, it seems like they don’t want fast technical travel to be a thing...

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    UnlistedMonk commented

    I don't know how they want us to get around. They gave us a rail system but set a max speed of only 16 mph.

    Then they turn around and give us boats on ice and it's super fast. 

    Hope this helps. Have a nice day.

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    RomaqRosher commented

    Has anyone determined if blue ice makes "2-high jump-sprint travel" faster than packed ice? If the travel is exactly the same but still "ridiculously fast" and "on par enough compared to piston bolt", then you could say just using packed ice makes it much less expensive.

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    Marioboy19 commented

    I'll assume you've never tried to make a blue ice transport system in survival. It's not easy, fast, or cheap in any way. This is a fine alternative for people who don't want to spend endless hours learning and building finicky redstone machines. They can instead spend *more* endless hours trying to farm ice in a way that's legitimate in survival.