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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture. No guns.


Rotator Blocks that change the orientation of blocks

under review


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    bobby45800 commented

    There is already an item like this in carpet mod, which I find is really helpful when building my world eaters, because it means I don't have to spend hours on end building scaffolding for every little piston and observer I want to place facing downwards.

    This is a great idea!

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    Debug Stick ? just have to add a diffrent verson less cheated in survival mode with a recipe.

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    LordCapaca commented

    I actually had this idea this morning I think you should b able to power it mid redstone contraption so it's can turn a position to face up from sideways and then can pull a block down and then the rotator block activates again on the retract the it pulls the block sideways there should also be a wand /stick that does the same thing in survival so it's easy to fix redstone rotation mistakes

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    This would open up so many possibilities. Yes this will be awesome 

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    This sounds very handy. I'd like to throw in an additional option to allow the rotational direction to be reversed.

    crouch, and right click for rotation counterclockwise, and likewise again for clockwise, in the same way light sensors can be set to detect sunlight, or moonlight.

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    astro son commented

    Minecraft should add something like Pulse With Modulation to control the angle of the rotator block. Just like the real life servos. 

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    A better idea for a block with a similar function would be a spinner block. It could have an interface that allows you to control the direction, speed, and range of motion. The block could be useful for making working vehicles, windmills, waterwheels, etc. You could even make a dance floor using armour stands (this would utilize the way you can have an armour stand change stance with a varying signal strength, but would actually be able to make them appear to dance, rather than just move their arms and legs). I think it should look like a piston with a roundish head that kinda looks like a pirate ship's steering wheel. This design could also be used for decorative purposes. They should be linkable, and work like sticky pistons in that they use slime blocks to hold multiple blocks together (I also have an idea for a sort of glue that could be use instead of slime blocks; it's in another thread). As far as crafting them goes, I think you should have to put a piston in the middle; sticks in each of the cardinal directions; a piece of Redstone dust, a slime ball, a lever, and a powered rail in the corners (the exact position doesn't matter). The reason for the complicated and expensive recipe is because I do think it would be slightly overpowered in a multiplayer world, because it could potentially be used to set up ingenious (and dangerous) traps, plus it seems like the type of thing that should really only be used when you've amassed a great fortune and have moved on to the decoration and fortification stage, which is always near the end of my time on a world. Of course, it should be free to obtain using commands and creative.

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    anders see commented

    yes! it will take redstone to amother level like observer did!

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    This would be good for redstone. Placing and reseting contraptions in small places can be near impossible sometimes.

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    wizkid744 commented

    I had a very similar idea:

    • A rotator piston where the face would pop up 1/2 block, rotate 90º and pop down gain.
    • Bocks on the piston would be rotated with the face.
    • Couldn't work if there wasn't the space to extend into.
    • Powered like any piston
    • The rotator piston would have a "front" and "back" face with an arrow etched into the face plate. 'punching' the block would change the face that the arrow points to:
    •  - pointing right would rotate anti-clockwise 90º every time it was powered.
    •  - pointing front would rotate 180º every time it was powered.
    •  - pointing left rotates 90º clockwise
    •  - pointing back would spin it 360º. (Can't think on why you would want this, but could be used to 'display' a block)
    • The block being rotated wouldn't be stuck to the be stuck to the rotator and would return to the same location. 
    • Rails would remain attached to the original block
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    Ky2D2 commented

    I had the same idea. Even non-technical players could have fun with rotating stairs and such. I had considered possible methods for allowing counter-clockwise and 180 degree rotations such as the input strength of the redstone line.
    I also considered if it was animated and the block clipped through adjacent blocks, perhaps setting a limitation so only blocks which are unobstructed can be rotated. I didn't like that idea because it greatly limits the applications, but it might make it look less like a glitch. There's always the somewhat cartoony option of making the block shrink somewhat when it's rotated.
    I also considered if it should rotate once, then stop, or keep rotating while it's powered. Sustained rotation works well with redstone power because greater power could translate to a faster rotation. However, basically every other redstone component will do something and stop, even if it remains powered. So, the rotator should do the same. That's why I think it should be something like 1-5 power = counter-clockwise, 6-10 = 180 deg, and 11-15 = clockwise.

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    Are you Mumbo? Mumbo, you there?

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    dklebedev commented

    Switchable Observers. Yas!