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Macros folder in data or behavior packs to define "new" blocks, items, and entities

under review


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    BIOFREEZE03 commented

    Currently I'm confused on why people don't think this is important. Any mod you've ever seen could be made possible with this. Please upvote it!

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    BIOFREEZE03 commented

    [add on to what I just said] people are stating that pandas and bamboo is more important important than this. What I don't think they realize is that that could be made possible with this stuff and even more! You could add planes, more TNT, more mobs, more block, ore, anything!

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    RomaqRosher commented

    And maybe put this feature (addons in general) into Java? Please?

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    Dinorauria commented

    This is certainly a feature I would consider. With all the additions and tweaks to make Minecraft easier to tweak and tinker the game the ability to add entirely new entities, blocks, and items to the game is one thing not present. Sure a person can mess with the code to their desire, but I feel it is just simpler to have a way to add entirely new objects. Besides, a manner of way to implement custom mobs be revealed some time ago. Why not extend to blocks and basic items?

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    Hulunabc commented

    A good idea!

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    You got my support!😊😊😊😊😊

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    evanrv05 commented

    Sounds like a perfect feature for 1.15 it would change the way minecraft maps work! customization would be even easier! perfect for java. and im sure it could be done in bedrock.

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    Pascal Anema commented

    There's barely any more discussing needed,
    Mojang, this is way better than just allowing NBT data in recipe files!
    If you can do this, that'd be amazing!

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    TheSnowFuhrer commented

    Good idea. Changing block "behaviors" is one of the most amazing things I want in bedrock. Why aren't people upvoting?