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Bedrock Brigadier


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    Bedrock edition is not the official Minecraft.  It is just a cheap imitation.

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    Well considering that Java Edition existed first, and is the one with available Mods (NOT behaviour packs), I think Java's the actual OFFICIAL one. But I do notice Microsoft sorta pushing Bedrock Edition into becoming the official. Combining Java and Bedrock might be kinda bad considering that Bedrock edition has micro-transactions unlike Java Edition. And if you wanted a custom-shaped head for your skin, you'd be able to do that for free, while in Bedrock paying is encouraged.
    And yes you can still make your own skin in Bedrock, but I don't like the idea of leaving animated (overall better) skins behind a Pay-Wall.
    If Java and Bedrock Edition were to be combined, I think the micro-transaction system should be removed, and instead the achievements/advancements would give you Minecoins to get preset maps or the ability to animate skins. (The minecoins+achievements idea probably an already-existing suggestion somewhere on here)
    Otherwise the kinda bad reputation of Bedrock would just spread to Java.
    (I don't really mind the idea of Realms though cus I never use it on either versions)