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    JurscBeaver commented

    A butcher should buy live animals, and sell raw meat and leather.

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    Uncheckedflame commented

    Love this idea it could also go as far as to allow farmer villagers to give the chef wheat and the butter could give meat and actually start an economy within a single player game. I have a realm I've been building and would love to see my hard work building a bakery become useful there used to be a cool NYC mod on PC that added miners, builders, lumber Jack's and so on so you could have nods help collect resources made it a lot more like an rpg, tycoon game but every update would make it invalid I'd love to see it become base game

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    Yekul Ten commented

    Now I'm hungry.

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    CagyMustiboi commented

    You got that Idea From Tango Tek

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    CaninePlum53233 commented

    Great idea wish I thought of it!

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    AlmondPlanet541 commented


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    Dinorauria commented

    These are decent ideas, not sure why either of these professions don't exist yet. Especially since routine schedules for villagers are (hopefully) still being considered for development.

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    Maciej Kułakowski commented

    Love this idea :) Nice!!

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