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Blocking Beacon Beam


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    E753980Volts commented
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    We should be able to block the beacon beam (or turn the beam invisible) without impacting the function of the beacon so that you can keep the sky clear of beacon beams while still experiencing the effects of the beacon.

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    Aidan Oh commented
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    It would make sense for black glass to have this function rather than creating a black beam as it does currently, since ‘black light’ doesn’t really exist.

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    Warlord1981NL commented
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    I too would like a method to turn the beam invisible. I think the use of black glass to achieve it is an excellent suggestion.

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    shadaik commented
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    How about just removing the sky access requirement?

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    TheKillaDrone commented
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    Not sure about the whole block being able to control this, but maybe a beacon menu option to turn off the beacon beam visibility, or even when the beacon is powered the beam turns off. So we could throw a lever on the side of it and toggle it off. No matter the outcome, I would love the ability to just turn off the beam without losing the effects.

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    Adrian Wu commented
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    From the new 20w45a snapshot, I suggest that Tinted Glass should be used for this.