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We welcome feedback about menus, toggles on menus, buttons on menus, input devices (like touch controls and keyboards), and Minecraft’s interface. How do you play? What would make it better?


A feedback for Bedrock Edition (Android and IOS) about Keyboard and Mouse Gameplay


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    Unfortunately, iPhones don't have mouse support. This would only work with Android 8.

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    Eleezar commented

    When will bedrock edition give support for assigning controls to mice with greater than 3 buttons? For example, I see there is now a 'Full Keyboard Gameplay' mode in the settings, but this mostly removes functionality from the mouse. But that mode also has a Cycle Item Left/Right option. It would be nice to assign these options or others to the 4th and 5th mouse buttons.

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    Garlic Garlic commented

    It would be good if iPadOS 13’s new mouse support could work with Minecraft Bedrock

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