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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways" slabs.


Diving/Swimming Gear


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    Yes!! I was just thinking this the other day, diving suits would be AWESOME! They could put them in the “armor” sections and you’d have to craft and don each piece individually. I like the slowness idea, and it would be cool if the suit could add a little bit of protection as well.

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    Aban Sainz commented
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    Turtle shells are the closest, so there isn't the need to add diving suits.

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    I would be totally down for this, however I feel this should be nerfed a bit so as to not make water breathing potions redundant, so allow me to make it more appealing for Devs.

    To start off, to make the suit work it would need to be the complete set.

    Make it so that the suits are connected to something in the surface, perhaps a new block or item with the string being similar to that of the fishing pole.

    You can only descend a certain depth and move to a certain distance before having to manually move the block/item giving you oxygen.
    You could expand this oxygen wire with more resources but only up to a certain limit. To compensate for this limitation you can stay underwater for as long as you like but are very limited in how far you move around, your speed and the longer you stay underwater and the deeper you go the more damage your suit will take over time.

    The main purpose of the suit would be an early option to building underwater, not to explore, if you want to explore you'd have to get the water breathing potion unless you set up the suit right above a water temple or ship wreck.

    This way you can build underwater without having to go into the nether yet but the water breathing potion is still the better alternative that you can switch to once you get the resources to do so.

    Personally I find the turtle shell helmet really useless, so for me this would be a very appreciated addition to the game.

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    yoop gim commented
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    TWO WORDS ; mobile conduit

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    Lt Ramen1145 commented
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    Upgradeable scuba suit you could craft in the smithing table with upgrades like longer water breathing, faster swimming, a light that can be attached to the helmet, or even just like a scuba mask and flippers

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    TheXpicGamer commented
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    I like the idea, but you can only stay in a certain depth, and you only get to explore the ocean for about 10-12 minutes