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Add the nether to the old world type or reintroduce the nether reactor


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    KingRedstone9 commented
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    The mildly infuriating part is how, if you hack a nether portal block in the game using /setblock, you get a completely normal nether, limited to the old world type size.

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    Vegerotto72 commented
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    If they re add the nether reactor for old type worlds then they could update the items so that 1-3 blazerods spawn in the loot, along with 4 soulsand and 1 nether wart, also they could have the chanve to drop a wither skeleton skull but it would have the same drop rate as killing a wither skeleton without looting, also they could have biome varients of it with plains biomes being the normal one, desert/savannah biomes spawning 3 blazes instead of 3 zombie pigmen (because the desert/savannah is hot), swamp biomes spawning 3 magma cubes instead of zombiepigmen (because the nether reactor corrupts slimes turning them into magma cubes), and snowy biomes spawning wither skeletons instead of strays (because the nether reactor corrupts strays turning them into wither skeletons), also it would give us a way to get obsidian in old type worlds meaning that players would be able to enchant without fishing and get quartz and get glowstone so we can make Redstone launterns. In infinite worlds if the nether reactor is gotten by converting a world to infinite placing it on the ground without the cobble stone or blocks of gold would spawn a 5x5 nether portal and if you try to activate it using the structure with the 14 cobblestone and 4 blocks of gold it says in chat "unable to complete ritual"