Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? What would they do? How would they look? Why do we need them?

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    JurscBeaver commented

    Each stage of boat could require 8 of the previous stage boats plus a sail in the middle on the standard crafting table, and only be placeable in the appropriate depth water for the boat.

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    lAmNumbr7 commented

    I don’t know how they’d be crafted, but I agree that maybe sails could be craftable with wool and planks. Also I think it would be cool if cannons would be added as a separate items that could be crafted and placed on the ground to fire. Maybe in a 4 by 4 ship-specific crafting table, there could be sails, cannons, wooden planks, and maybe like a chest to craft a ship. I also feel like the row boat should be slowed down because it moves so dang quick for just rows. Also I’d really like to see the ability to stand on the ship and walk around on it without falling into the ocean when not mounted to the wheel or cannons. The same thing that was given to the row boats in update aquatic.

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    DINORAR2017 commented

    I AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE! Seriously, these are great ideas!

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    UnlistedMonk commented

    So long as they add the ability to add chests to the boats. Not much of a point of having a bigger boat if you can't transport your loot in it. Heck, we should be able to put a chest in the back seat of the boat we have now.

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    Johnny Gunther commented

    The boat idea should be left to mods. Having to add so much new stuff for something that won't really be helpful and a waste of an update. The other ideas though are definitely worth it.

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    Justice Guillory commented

     I also believe that more advanced boats should be added to Minecraft.  The current boat available to players is rather limited, not to say that it cannot perform the core task of transporting the player over oceans well, but I believe the player should have another tier or other tiers of boats available to them so that more can be accomplished with their ships.  Chests, as mentioned above, for instance, could enable players to transport more resources across the ocean.  With that journeys or treasure hunts could last longer and be more productive.  Players in the mid-game would not be limited to carrying back one inventory or an inventory and a half (with a mule) of goods.  In addition to chests perhaps larger boats could transport a horse or two other mobs along with you.

     On the matter of propulsion, I think that sails would do nicely.  It is a logical upgrade from oars and does not stray far outside of the "feel" of the game as a motor would.

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    Lingy065 commented

    They should at a boat block that you can build off of where all the blocks placed on it are part of the boat

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    Michael Wade commented

    I think ships should be obtained like a woodland mansion. Defeating the Hostile mobs on the ship and claiming it as your own, I don't think it should be craftable because it's too big.

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    Gaplaybr123 commented

    The boat can have three parts that can be crafted alone and mixed together after

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    FarmhandDevlin commented

    I don't know if the game mechanics allow it, but it would be awesome to be able to build your own boats/ships.

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    Ela Jain commented



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    Hyrum Dickson commented

    Creating a larger boat on a crafting table contrasts current game dynamics. I think boats should be constructed in a manner similar to irons golems etc. By placing the helm at the location intended for steering the boat constructed. It could also have a block limit to prevent over-sized boats. Another boat related block could extend this limit for the coolest cruisers around.

    In conjunction with having boats, other vehicles could be added; specifically, end ships that can fly and make end travel significantly faster. Rather than crafting an ender helm, these ships would only be obtainable at end fortresses, but they would no longer be beside end fortresses! Oh No! We lost our ship! No more elytra :(...... Oh wait! What's that off in the distance? Is that.... a bird? no.. It must be a plane then... That looks an awful lot like an end ship.. Well at least it noticed us. What is that? 

    ~Steve was obliterated in a tragic incident with an end ship

    It won't be there next time...

    ~Steve was blown to bits by an end ship

    No, I don't know the exact technicals of what it would shoot or what new mob would sail the seven ender-isles, but there are many possibilities.

    It could be illigers. Given the village and pillage update in development, illigers making a new appearance wouldn't be unexpected. These could be slightly re-themed to gray pirates and also be found in overworld oceans.

    The mob in the boats could also definitely be any new or fantastical creature. I think it should be the mob that is meant to inhabit end fortresses and simply uses skulkers as guards. These mobs could also spawn in some treasure rooms etc.

    It should include a Shulker/Purpur Brick golem which would just be plain awesome to fight.


    In summary, larger vehicles would add a lot to the adventure side of minecraft (why not have a nether lava boat too? Shh.. that's a terrible idea). It would also be cool if mine-carts could float in lava, just for fun.

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    bZman2005 commented

    Yes I agree
    Minecraft already has shipwrecks, so they could base the design on that. But if you are playing in a single player world how are you going to control the whole ship ?

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    Hyrum Dickson commented

    I think the most logical solution is that the whole ship is controlled at the helm (or ship's steering wheel). Maybe the helm can be mounted and then player's actions control the ship similar to a current Minecraft boat until dismounted.

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    LukePascle1 commented

    What if the ship resembled the Viking long ship, right now a boat can hold 2 people in the ship, if you were to craft on a table three row boats together in a row, and got a long ship out of it. It would steer and act like a boat, except instead of 2 spots you now have 4. Additionally you could have it so that you could put up to a max of 2 single chests on the ship.
    One or two other possible features:
    Gradual speed build up and larger turn rate for the larger ship, it’s bigger so clumsier.
    Ability to access a ships inventory(needed to add chests) and have a special slot for a ship ram. Made of iron or another ore, would be arrow shape, 2block of wood with iron ingots forming the arrow, points to the right, could be equipped to add that level of pvp in a game.

    One last thing, with the experimental crossbows, it would be cool to be able to mount them to the sides of the long ship. It would be something you would have to exit your boat but then standing on top of the boat you can access a crossbow and then use it like if it was in your hand, but only having 180* of turn off the side of the longboat. You can’t be moving to access the crossbow.

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    martinvillam commented

    I would like a boat with the size of a shipwreck that also can crash and sink, (then the shipwrecks would make sense) Once you place it you can't destroy it (it wouldn't make sense to cary a giant boat in your inventory) you can travel with your friends and place blocks such as chests, beds, enchanting tables and anvils so if you want you can not have a house on land but a traveling ship with your friends. Anyway it should be expensive more than some pieces of wood and wool for the sails. If this is added it could also be cool to add ghost ships (ships full of mob spawners with loot) or a new type of mob, pirates that attack you when you are in the sea or if your house is to close to the ocean. 

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    trekerie commented

    I would have to agree with Hyrum Dickson in how these boats would be assembled; similar to an iron golem. The size of the boat in question could depend on the resources, by having a block arrangement for maybe a 3x5 boat (maybe has 2-4 small chests), and also a larger 5x11 boat (has 6-8 small chests).

    Larger boats would be a huge hit on my realm. My friends and I already enjoy just going out on existing boats and explore new maps and hunt for treasure. The larger boats would only add to the enjoyment of this.

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