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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture. No guns.


Radium, A New Ore For The End With Unique Uses

under review


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    RetroXZ / commented

    whoa, i really wanted 2 things on the End: 1.some ores 2.a radioactive sun . and i think this idea can make me proud. but i ignored 2 things in your idea: 1.ender index 2.applying posion.

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    EpicBboy123 commented

    I think it could be as rare as emeralds with same vein size and should only be found on the larger end islands.

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    RetroXZ / commented

    changing this radium with a "purple" ore can become better! keep the end purple, white and black! (also, radium is very normal for an unnormal world. maybe you can change this ores name to, something like;"endite".)

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    doggo doggo commented

    the ender index would be at the same time op because of all the thing it can do and not that op because it's just a quicker way to organise/craft things

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    the ender index reminds me of the applied energistics mod but streamlined but i like that and love that mod just thought it was a little complicated though this takes care of that in my opinion though

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    Mr Llama12345 commented

    Whooa this is GOOD

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    OJ Kid commented

    This is a great idea for the game to improve and grow! I agree with @RetroXZ though. There are many ways to improve this idea. Trial and error is key!