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(Java Parity) Add all Java's UI shortcuts to Bedrock

under review


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    I would really love to see the F3+G implemented

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    Wubushii commented

    This would really be a great changement to bedrock! The tapping one while hovering an item make that move the item to the hotbar slot miss me alot!

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    CmdrPhil11602 commented

    This is a great idea, and the shortcuts presented by SirBenet should be trivial to add parity too, right? This isn't really adding new features to Bedrock (like shields). It's just mapping existing functionality, it seems.

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    TubsO28 commented

    I agree with more UI shortcuts and implementations but there must be a way to customize these on gamepad too, touch even if that's even possible. Maybe some type of quick menus that pops up in the inventory or settings page but features should be given to just on control input type. More customizable features the better though.

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    JulianAV8 commented

    I would see the shortcuts on chats and command blocks maybe just on Win 10 edition for be a PC because its very annoying move from letter to letter but with Ctrl + < would be very easy to move on it. and Change the color of the cursor because on lime color its difficult to see (or for me i get loss when im moving the cursor in word in word).

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    E753980Volts commented

    The ability to view chunk boundaries really should be implemented as it will make creating ticking areas easier and will allow you to ensure that redstone contraptions are contained within a chunk if you wish to do so.

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    Phoenix2K05 commented

    The middle click thing IS in bedrock.

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    RankAdamMCD3 commented

    i agree with you all the way

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    I agree, I've been waiting for years (since I started playing). Every time I update Minecraft Bedrock edition I always try a few  to see if any of them have been implemented yet.

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    DrAv0011 commented

    All of this can be easy made also in console or other devices so it should be added in my opinion, I woul love to see this in game.

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    Pleaseeeeeeeeee this is crucial!! So tedious without these things!!

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    Regiross commented

    yes please do that would be fantastic and save time

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    b sturn commented

    this is a MUST

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    Zwizz0r commented

    This please! I don't really mind the debug screen missing, but the inventory management shortcuts need!! to be in Bedrock!

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    thejaxster70 commented

    Alot of these would be great "quality of life" adds.  This is beyond the scope of this feedback but it would be great to have a way to sort chests/inventory- would be a great qol add.

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    LegoSavant commented

    yes this is needed

    but all the F3 commands should only be possible if you have cheats on except for: F3+A,T and D

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    randomplays4 commented

    I'm surprised how this isn't already in the game

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    WeededByl commented

    I would really love to have F3 to see light levels. Also Shift+double-click for inventory is a must.

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    Zayrous commented

    This is very necessary, I'm used to playing in minecraft java and when a shortcut does not work, uggh

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    Nexulla commented

    The middle click thing is called "pick block" it doesn't have an assigned button in bedrock but you can add one.

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    jcraggie commented

    Shift - double-click in inventory would be GREAT in Bedrock Edition (Windows 10). Inventory management in Bedrock is labor-intensive as it is. 

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    I think that a lot more people would play bedrock if you put everything on Java on bedrock. Please consider this