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Peacefully Hungry


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    SonicwaveMC commented
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    In general, I think the difficulty settings could have much more customization (e.g. hunger, mob damage, mob spawning/abilities, fire spreading etc all being separate settings).

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    I agree.  Peaceful should be about not having hostile mobs.  Not having to eat just seems an odd addition.

    I agree that it might work to have not needing to eat as a toggle like some of the other options, probably under the “enable cheats” toggle.

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    RealCC419 commented
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    Perhaps there should be a gamerule like /gamerule dohostilespawning or /gamerule dohungerloss

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    Rainmask64 commented
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    Support, and I agree with RealCC419. There can be simple gamerules to work with.

    Perhaps, to make it different from vanilla peaceful mode, [/gamerule dohostilespawning] might disable /natural/ mob spawning. Unlike in peaceful, player-placed spawners as well as spawn eggs will produce hostile mobs as normal. And wolves, which spawn in peaceful, as well as iron golems can still be provoked. Basically, with dohostilespawning, you will still have enemies but won't have to worry about encountering zombies in caves and stuff.

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    I agree with all the comment's below, yet I was thinking of a simpler solution. When world creating, you get to chose your type of game mode. If the game mode creative is chosen, then there is no food, no mobs. But if the game mode survive is chosen, with the difficulty to peaceful, you can then have no mobs, but still have hunger, since I believe peaceful, means just that, no fighting. Not no hunger, this way it's just s tweak without creating a new way to go about it. 

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    crepydummy commented
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    Thats a nice Idea but I would say a difficulty should be there vor this Idea



    I'm so sorry for the bad grammer (I'm from Germany)

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    FarawayMilk4 commented
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    Thank you for bringing this up! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks we need this!

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    fayme66 commented
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    Yes gathering food and eating due to hunger is a survival skill, Survival mode, on peaceful this is still needed.