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Moving Resources from Application to External Storage (bedrock)(mobile originally, but any)


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    Clarified topic to make it easier to find.

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    TortugaOnline commented

    Yes. Just like the „Export world“ feature on Windows 10. 

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    TikoIuX commented

    This feature needs to be added!

    In the meantime, however, you can use this tool to export your Internally saved worlds.

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    The only reason I haven't bought Minecraft on Switch is cuz I can't transfer my Windows 10 or Android worlds to it. A feature like this or similar to it would make me buy it in an instant.

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    Legosteve64 commented

    This would be an amazing feature since I own Minecraft not only on my iPhone, but on my Nintendo Switch as well. Being able to have the same world saved and synced and saved across the two devices would be amazing

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    Swythan commented

    I found an awkward workaround that worked for me on Android:

    1. Check current storage location setting is set to "Application" (under Settings -> General -> Profile). If not, then change it and restart Minecraft.
    2. Set File Storage Location to "External"
    3. Come out of Settings and go to Play
    4. You should still be able to see all your worlds in Application storage
    5. Pick a world, click the Edit icon, scroll to the bottom and click "Copy World"
    6. You'll get an error message saying that the copy failed. This is NOT true, what has happened is that your world has been copied to External storage, but Minecraft is still showing worlds from Application storage.
    7. Repeat for all the worlds you want to copy.
    8. Exit Minecraft and restart
    9. Click Play and you're now looking at all your worlds in External storage!

    It worked for me, but YMMV and I'm no expert. Good luck everyone.

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    Grahndiosa commented

    I also really want to see this happening. Want to transfer a world into another device, but I made it when I had storage Application.

    Tried what "Swythan" wrote, but that didn't worked for me. It made a copy but it was just a whole new world in the same seed I had before. 

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    So...I had my Minecraft world from my Youtube series get corrupted and i had to create a new world...two episodes in i realized that it was saving Application level and thus was a complete loss. After some thoughts of recreating it saved as External i got an idea that worked.


    You can save your application world as external...its a process. Create a Realm and upload your world to it, now switch your minecraft back to external and download your realm back to your device. This will save your world as External and now allow you to back up or move that world as you please. It is a process, and if you already used your free trial for a realm up you will have to pay for it.