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Sky islands


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    Tyler Bowen commented
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    Great starting idea but I would add more context like maybe adding loot on the island.

    For example: Prefab house on the island that has minimal loot in a chest or in item frames.

    I will agree that the sky does need more attention than the land below it does.

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    MigM12000 commented
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    There could be many diferent types of islands, some would have minerals, some could have broken nether portals, some would have mob spawners and chests, there could even be a new boss that could only spawn after defeating the ender dragon (or maybe some island only spawn after defeating the ender dragon), that way it gives more reason to play and explore after finishing the game

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    Ervindark commented
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    A floating biome over the sea (and/or land?).

    Can be themed after any type of existing biome (random?) or a new one.

    Has mountains, forests, caves, lakes, waterfalls that go all the way down.

    Optional ideas for the sky biome:
    • Home of the phantoms (native mob)
      + Phantom castle
      + Phantoms don't die at day but flee towards sky biome
    • Ruins
    • Broken ancient airships
      + Crashed airships on surface (similar to sunken water ships but on land. With deflated balloon)
    • Only visible at night or at close range

    I recommend to change the title to "Sky Biome". It sounds bigger and grander.

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    Maybe we get there in an airplane. And the biome it has would be dependent on the biome on the ground, but rather than forest on top of forest, maybe the sky islands biome would be mountains. And about the phantoms, there could be special phantom caves where the phantoms would need to go to be safe from the sun. And then they gush out of there as soon as they sense insomnia. If you go into this cave, they would go into aggressive mode wether the player is tired or not, or wether it is day or night. And back to the islands, there could be bridges connecting a small system of up to ten islands, where there could be some buildings. And there could be some new biomes exclusive to this "dimension".

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    I know sky update is coming because notch said when the nether was better, which is now, they would update the sky