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Mobile Shield Implementation: Shield button and Sneak Shield


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    I like this idea. Maybe not with the sneaking but a button similar to “tame” and “feed” on the screen that says “block” or “shield”. This can be on the side of the screen near the shield.

    I believe Jeb was discussing this previously.

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    ASparkI13 commented
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    I think the shield button should be to one side of the screen (maybe beside the D-pad or near the jump button) rather than in the center and above the hotbar. This would make combat simpler - no need to double tap the sneak button.

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    The shield button should be on the right hand side of the screen above (preferably or below) the crouch button.

    This button appears when holding the shield similar to feeding animals or fishing. You can tap the button for shield block and it unblocks AND if you hold the button (like crouch) the button locks in place making the shield block hold.

    Hopefully it makes sense. This could be an alternate input method since the crouch mechanism in the 1.10 does work alright. However I envisioned this to be better.
    - PC: Same like Java, use right mouse click
    - Console: Trigger or something
    I mainly play on mobile (MCPE originally) so touch controls are mainly my input method.

    I posted it before on another post but may be deleted for some reason.

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    CorePaladin commented
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    Shields in bedrock are currently activated by sneaking or mounting. This should be kept, but right clicking or analogous actions should also activate shield as well. This way mobile players would be unaffected but Windows 10 players would be able to play like java as well.

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    It would be really nice to remap what button you press to activate the shield in general, for both mobile and pc/console etc. Its so clunky on bedock!