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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.




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    DeathProKo commented

    i like your idea i voted it but i'd think the magic broom would be super rare to drop like 1/500 chance atleast

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    Starz Munch commented

    This is a good idea because, 1:You can fly duh, 2:in the end poem they saw Broom's.

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    karl smink commented

    I like the idea of having the Witch rarely drop a broom which you can fly on. 

    It should not be repairable and fly slower than the elytra, but it should control better and have sharper turning and the ability to hover. 

    It will use up an inventory / hand slot, so there will be many tradeoff to using it, making it very different from the Elytra. 

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I like the idea.  At night on October 31, witches should get a broom and fly on it.  They should not drop it, and when day dawns, they should fly back to the ground.  The only way to deter them is by placing a jack lantern (similar to an enderman).  They will fly away within a 31 block radius.  Kind of spooky.

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    That's a good idea, but not all of the witches should spawn riding a broom, just a little percentage (1/4 would be good). Also, they shouldn't drop it. Or instead, they could drop it, but if you try to ride it, it would go crazy and splatter you everywhere. I think that's funny, otherwise it would be OP.

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    DYproductions commented

    Shrek much? lol

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    Rommer1 commented

    This would be great for a “Halloween Update II”

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    Seiaeka commented

    This is a cute and fun idea. I wouldn't mind seeing this implemented. Sure, there are more pressing issues that should be addressed, but we would finally be able to build functional quidditch! :P

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    they should be craftable with sticks, hay bale, and bottle o enchanting to make it magic.

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    Fokuthefox commented

    YES I really really really really hope they add this because it would be a good fun way of transportation so pls pls pls add this

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    Ty Brantner commented

    Witches that can ride brooms would be great, maybe they could use them if you try to push them off of a cliff or other high place, they'd automatically mount a broom and fly to a nearby safe place. Or they could use them to chase you down as you run out of their aggro radius.

    I also think it would be important to let the player get a magic flying broom for their trouble. It wouldn't be super fast, just slightly faster than running, but have responsive controls and hovering ability. It should obviously be stupidly rare, and maybe it would only be able to fly 10 blocks or so above the ground? Making it more like a hovercraft than a true aircraft, and limiting its functionality so that elytra aren't left without a purpose.

    Durability could represent its magical "fuel" supply, i.e. when it runs out you can't fly any more, but it won't break if it runs out. You can craft it with glowstone, redstone, or some other resource to refuel it.

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    I like this idea, but I think that if you get a broom you'll not be able to fly on it. Or maybe you could fly on it but you cannot change the direction etc. and it would be random. (Maybe until you learn it somehow.)

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    PushedCoot46 commented

    If you shoot a witch off than the broom should fall to the the ground.  Witches should just throw potions at you, not pumpkins.

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    Might wanna add that the brooms have a certain durability and plus it would take away use for elytra and fireworks so maybe it can’t be obtainable in survival or make it REALLY hard to control