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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Bookshelves are unexciting. Let’s fix that


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    You could also get books, some readable, some not. There would also be very rare guide books for lucky players.

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    @GoldenGamer9870 That sounds interesting, do you mean you could put written books inside bookshelves as well?

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    LawPilot commented

    MacchuPicchu96, First, I love this idea. However, I'm a little confused about the interface your suggesting. So, if this comment is what you are suggesting, please disregard... with the exception of the changing texture based on number of books, which I don't think you mentioned. 

    What I am envisioning is an empty bookshelf with all wood variants as you describe that has a UI similar to that of the dropper and dispenser (which is the portion that I think is a little unclear).

    The empty bookshelf could have two rows of three empty slots, to correspond to the two "shelves" visible on the current bookshelf texture, or maybe it could have three rows of three instead because that UI already exists in the game in the form of droppers and dispensers.

    This is the part I think might be an addition to your post --> The texture of the block could change slightly based on the number of books, enchanted books, or other written books in the bookshelf. That way a library full of books would look different from a library without any books, which could further allow builders to make their builds more detailed and immersive. Minecraft has a few examples of blocks that change texture based on items in the UI, most notably, the texture of brewing stands with and without bottles, and the texture of furnaces showing or not showing flames.

    Finding the random enchanted books in a library as you suggest could be as simple as opening the UI and actually searching through the books in the bookshelf, or breaking the bookshelf with an axe, which would drop all of the books therein.

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    @LawPilot First of all, thank you so very much for the detailed feedback!

    So, for my original post, I initially felt that discussing the texture this in-depth would be a distraction from the real material. However, I was indeed envisioning a texture similar in style to the brewing stand, whereby the textures would be slightly different depending on if the bookshelf has one book, two books, three books, or is empty. By extension, perhaps each slot in naturally generated bookshelves should have a chance to spawn empty, which would vary the look of naturally generated libraries a fair bit.

    The GUI as I imagined it would consist of nothing more than three slots, each of which hold exactly one book. This is simply to parallel the current crafting recipe for bookshelves, and so as to not drastically affect the cost of making a full enchantment setup. I'd be open to arguments in favor of a different GUI - it's not the most crucial component of my post.

    Again, thank you so much for the feedback. I'd very much value this kind of feedback on my other ideas if you happen to have the time.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I like this, with a few edits.  It should initially be two empty shelves, and it can be filled with items.  There could be 4 items per shelf, one in each corner.  The items would lay flat on the shelf, and it would work like an item frame.  A book placed on the shelf would look like a section of bookshelf.  An enchanted book would have the purple sheen.  Same for a written book.

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    @BilboBaggins Thanks for the support! Your items idea sounds hard to code but it would be pretty cool to have. I'm also okay with an enchantment gleam for enchanted books but the reason I didn't add it in the original post is because brewing stands don't glow when they are full of real potions, and I wanted to parallel the two as much as possible.

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    Aaron Rhodes commented

    Also, it defeats the point of hidden treasures if you can easily spot them just by looking at the bookshelves. As for their use in enchanting, what if books with a specific enchantment on them, when placed in bookshelves around the enchanting table, increase the odds of that enchantment showing up? This would give a viable method for something that players have wanted for a while, a way to control the enchantments they get, and since it takes a long time to reach that goal, it fits in well with game progression.

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    Aaron, thanks for the reminder about the enchantment glow, that was indeed the initial reason I didn't add that in.

    I do like your other idea; however, it sounds a bit hard to code in. Also, by the time someone has enough enchanted books with, say, Sharpness on them, it seems to me that they no longer would need to get a Sharpness enchant on their next sword, because they already have the books for it. Also, your idea would no longer encourage people to put "garbage" enchanted books to good use in their enchanting setups, as I would like.

    Thank you for all of the excellent feedback on my posts!

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    Aaron Rhodes commented

    It was a good idea in theory, but you are absolutely right on the points you made. I'm not too sure on it being hard to code, it would just have a count of each enchantment type and base their weights in the random chance on the total count of the corresponding enchantment, but it's a moot point now considering the idea was a bust. I'm fine with the system the way you have it setup anyway, it's very reasonable and gives an incentive to enchant more.

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    Nice idea. I love it!

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    SupremeMC2020 commented

    Adding onto Golden Gamer's idea, I think that some books would actually be logs kept by villagers, which would give us in-depth perspective on a Villager's life. You may also be able to find logs or journals that were left by previous players, the chosen players possibly chosen at a MineCon event. 

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    Momibelle commented

    Here's my take on why we need BOOKS in BOOKSHELVES :)

    Bookshelves have been around for a long time. We love them. But their name does not reflect what they do, and what they potentially COULD do, in our game. Let's fix this!

    Bookshelves should hold and store our books for us! Like real bookshelves, they beg to be filled with written books! From an EDU point of view, I have seen that children are more interested in writing into their book and quill when they know they have a safe place for them. We can then create libraries in our game, share our stories, and learn from one another. It could be pretty awesome!

    How could we make this change? It's simple! Our bookshelf doesn't change at all, but when you right-click it, it opens-up an inventory, just like our chests do, but they ONLY accept written books and enchanted books. Yep. It's THAT simple. 

    My prediction? It would be a game-changer for thousands of kids out there with 'written-output' difficulties. I've seen if first-hand. We have used a plugin on our Vanilla servers (and on some of our earlier modded ones) to encourage children to express themselves and become the story-tellers they never knew they were. These books have became archives of their early lives, and their time spent with us here at MCKids. 

    So let's do this ... across all of our Minecraft games. Please :)

    Anna 'Momibelle' Belluz
    Vancouver, Canada

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    Really great idea. Not sure if it be added into Minecraft but always a possibility
    - HelenAngel (Community Manager) did say they have the code ready for Bedrock

    With Lecterns in 1.14 for reading books openly for all players, bookcases could act as a way to store books.
    Maybe even Scrolls if they are added (see my feedback post), related to the Desert update.

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    leondsl commented

    Nice idea! 

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    I really like this idea, though I think a good add on would be the option to fill a shelf with bottles too.

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    Kiithnia commented

    I agree with the different wood idea. The other stuff would also be nice but i am mostly wishing we could use *wood* book shelves to blend in with walls of the same type of wood instead of having to use oak all the time.