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Although the Nether biome is a hot topic, remember that items still should be put in their proper categories, even if they are Nether related. Please read the pinned post on creating biomes and dimensions. Please put items for the new Mountains and Nether Updates in their proper categories. Remember portals are structures, that includes Nether portals.


City Biomes


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    Mennonite1 commented
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    You want the city but not all the hard work building it? 

    You can download a city map online.

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    Uhohhotdog83 commented
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    Larger and Higher density villages would be better and would fit with the vanilla style.  Maybe with cobblestone streets rather than dirt paths.

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    cape499 commented
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    Minus the cars, and the modern stuff I like it. It would be cool if it had the style of ancient Rome!! PLEASE ADD

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    Creeper4263 commented
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    I like the general concept, but something more along the lines of a massive village would be better. 

    I'm thinking more like a regular village, but somewhere around 250 blocks radius with a few extra, small features compared to normal villages.