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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture. No guns.


Palm & Coconut Trees (was: Palm Trees)



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    well it is already confirmed that palm trees will be in the game not sure but i really like coconut's so i would love to see them in the game

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    Smarthoowen commented

    The palm and coconut trees would only be able to grow on sand and they would naturally grow in desert and beach biomes. The palm trees would be a little shorter than a jungle tree

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    Shane Tiller commented

    Palm trees shouldn't only form in beaches, but maybe like how oceans got variants, maybe make more forest variants. I live in a subtropical climate so i see palm trees a lot. They should generate in large beaches and definitely desert. And for forest variants there should be a cooler forest where it may snow at a lower elevation and warmer variant where palm trees would generate cuz i see an occasional palm tree in some of the forests down here.

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    date palm too.

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    seb lembo commented

    This is great


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    VoltisArt commented

    I like the look of the stepped trunk blocks in the 2D preview video.  Make the bottom half of each block 1/16 (one pixel) thinner on each side.  This would be a beautiful touch of realism for these trees and offer some exciting design potential for wooden pillars.  O...pair them up for arrow slits in castles, too.  :D

    Afterthought:  How about a desert oasis biome with palm tress, and small ponds?  I think it would be reasonable for these trees to have a requirement of nearby water.

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    RCvie commented

    When palm trees are implemented I'd like to see a different leaf block, one that is flat but diagonal angles much like what cart tracks can do but different sized ones to reflect growth stage of prongs.

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    @DINORAR2017 ...And maybe having a chance of giving you a regeneration or absorption effect.

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    This would be an insane idea! in a good way.

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    Honestly, I think there should be a new tropic biome. A biome where there would be sand and grass spread around with palm trees everywhere. This biome would spread into the aquatic biome and would change the water color to a nice tropical blue. Some mobs that could spawn would be some new fish like marlin, sharks, jellyfish, etc. Some new items would include spears, tiki torches, and an assortment of palm tree blocks. I think that these ideas would just make the world more vibrant and fun to play through.

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    Captain Face commented

    Hey IAmNumbr7 or anyone else who is reading this I think adding Coconuts would be amazing and I think I have an awesome use for them. I like the idea of them being a solid object in the game which you would have to mine to collect. But I think it would be cool if once mined you get a cracked coconut which you can then drink for restoring hunger and maybe other status effects. The only way to get a Full Coconut would be to mine a Coconut with Silk Touch. I think it would be cool if after using the Coconut (drinking the milk) that it will leave behind 1 coconut shell. 2 coconut shells, 1 TNT, and 1 redstone would then make a Coconut Bomb which could be the equivalent of throwing a TNT since TNT must be placed and lit on fire. The bomb wouldn't immediately explode, same way a TNT doesn't but the time to get away from it should be short. There can also be different types of Coconut Bombs. Like blinding bombs (adding Ink Sacks) or sticky bombs (adding slime balls) or even a Coconut Launcher that shoots these coconut bombs. I hope that others think this is a great idea and gets attention because I would really be into seeing this in the game. Thanks for taking your time to read my idea.

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    Wow i guess😢😞