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(Java Parity) Redstone parity: Solving quasi-connectivity by "redstone dust block"


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    PolarMammoth commented

    so like a deactivated version of the current redstone block? Correct me if I’m wrong.

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    This would be awesome! Alternatively, similar to cubfan's suggestion to be able to imbue solid blocks with glowdust to make them give off light, solid blocks could be imbued with redstone to enable them to transfer redstone signals.


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    Matejmraz commented

    and what if not rdustblock but putting slime ball on floor or wall and place there redstone... redstone cant be pushed by pistons even if its "slimed" but block on what redstone is can be pushed!

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    Jodie20885uk commented

    A great idea

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    FMASTER4252 commented

    Like the 6x6 seamless piston door in Java edition that the bottom needs dual edge monostable circuit and all of the sticky piston dropping off the block and the bottom opening use quasy connectivity to make it simpler than the additional circuit