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Allow cursor wrap around in the Crafting Table UI for Xbox One

under review


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  • Official comment

    Hi there the team is wondering are you using a D-pad or thumb stick? Let us know!

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    UnlistedMonk commented

    Definitely needs to be fixed. A bad GUI drives away players!

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    Yes! Definitely needs to be like this! Can't explain how much frustration I get out of the cursor not being like Xbox One Edition! Hopefully they fix soon...

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    AmiIc3 commented

    Seriously! Inventory management in the Xbox one edition was SO much easier. I really miss the classic crafting option with the left trigger distributing a stack between squares. And using Y for quick move while something is already picked up used to swap the items. Now, it drops the extra item out of the inventory. I understand the issues making a game compatible with several consoles, but those of us using a controller are at a serious disadvantage here. Sliding the cursor to one box at a time and slowly dragging it up to deposit one item in each box is agonizingly slow. (Yes, I know the recipe book makes crafting quicker, but it is too cluttered and distracting to really be a good replacement for the classic system).

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    MADman3056 commented



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    Magefulrage commented

    I almost always use the d-pad. The stick is harder to control for me.

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    TubsO28 commented

    The entirety of the inventory UI and Button combos need to be reconsidered and be able to be customized by the user. The whole thing where now the Y buttons drop things it may be one of the harder things to get used to from the Legacy consoles. I don't see a problem with allowing us to change that or at least gives us a control set that is made to feel and act just like legacy edition.  

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    XJakenX commented

    Yeah, completely agree that inventory management is MUCH easier on Legacy/Console editions. And the Y button dropping held items in the inventory is pretty frustrating (hopefully i won't ever try to organize while facing lava...). Y should always be Quick Move while in the inventory. As far as I can tell clicking the Right Stick doesn't do anything so maybe make RS drop the held item instead of Y?

    UI in bedrock could still use some work, kinda wish there was an option that allowed players to choose between the current interfaces and Xbox One Interfaces, none of the menus in bedrock feel quite right on a console, everything looks kind of cluttered and feels a little clumsy compared to Xbox One Edition. I miss the console crafting interface, I knew exactly where everything was, the recipe book has been difficult to adjust to, I still can't find half of what i need without having to type it into the search bar or use a Give command, definitely slows me down.

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    sludger 300 commented

    Thank goodness im not the only one with this problem!

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    In response to the dev who replied, we are referring to the d-pad. Pressing right in the farthest right space in an inventory should move our cursor to the farthest left space on that row. This does not apply to the thumbstick as that would cause difficulties for dropping items out of the inventory.