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(Java Parity) Detailed sound settings in bedrock

under review


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    lukeeey21 commented

    I wish we would have more settings, but at the same time i don't because it would be so slow at loading because of the stupid JSON UI.

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    Yes!  This is something I wanted since I first started playing pocket.  I hate all the ambient sounds, but my only option is to turn everything off, including hostile mobs.  If this was a thing I would turn everything to zero except hostile mobs.

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    From a standpoint of coding, I think there's a reason they have not done this yet. This isn't to say it's impossible.

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    Aspergerian commented

    So, basically this?

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    tryashtar commented

    This is an important accessibility feature

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    Dropped a vote! Totally needed. Was just about to make a post about this myself. Bedrock has a whole section for Sounds with TWO Sliders! Like C’mon! This is necessary! I’m glad this has a ton of votes! Let’s get more!

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    Kyokono commented

    I'm happy I'm not the only one who would appreciate this. Some of the sounds in the game are really unbalanced to me. Breaking logs is so much louder than everything else. It makes the dangers of the daytime Creeper very real.