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Make minecraft free


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    Okay, this is starting to get a little personal (and those comments are getting removed, by the way), so let's focus on the "make minecraft free" part of this feedback, which is the actual idea/request/feedback.
    Thank you.

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    Your argument is that people would switch to Roblox and Minecraft loses money. But if they make it free they will lose even more money because they wouldn't get money from people getting minecraft.

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    they should make it cheaper. but not free!

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    superpowers04 commented

    No they should make the game about 10-20 bucks or the price of bedrock not free or else

    1. they would lose money
    2. people who get banned on servers can easily get another account and play on said servers
    3. minecraft is well worth the money

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    AKAMIKAZEL commented

    if they make it free they will lose even more money because they wouldn't get money from people getting minecraft and/or no more updates. we have been getting free updates for years. 27$ is cheep. 

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    BlazeFrag commented

    And ruin the already sort of declining game with MORE microtransactions? I'd rather a price cut to 9.99 (reasonable for most survival games) across ALL platforms, maybe a universal account where buy one, play on all thru redeem code distribution, I imagine something like this could be rolled out. But making the game free is daft.

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    Yeah even the creators of roblox would agree Minecraft shouldn't be free

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    AKAMIKAZEL commented

    I would pay more for it. so, i'm glad it was a one time charge of 27$. i feel i got a great deal.

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    Java Dragon commented

    Minecraft has about the same cost of dinner in a restaurant where I live. That’s good enougth. I think the price is okay. 

    And once you’ve bought a Minecraft account, you can get Forge, Technik Launcher, OptiFine and all that. 

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    I think that java edition should just cost less. But it shouldn't be free. Just about 10-15 dollars.

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    Supernova792 commented

    I'd rather that only apply to Bedrock. It would kill Java to have to put Micro transactions into the game, paying for stuff is what keeps me away from Bedrock forever, well that and the younger player base

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    i just cant afford to get it, so if you like minecraft and you want to get it but you just cant afford it people might start disliking minecraft

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    I bought it when it was $25 and that is cheep for a quality game. I have no regrets paying that much. If you can't afford that then maybe you should adjust your budget. I could sae $25 in less than a month if I adjusted my eating habits, less soda and less fast food. 

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    HextikStarKid commented

    also, minecraft realms would likely be deleted, just like Tix in Roblox. it became free. people abuse the free trial.

    so minecraft realms trial would lose purpose.

    not to mention multiple usernames will be unavailable. and no one wants that.

    i know all you hate it when you have to put a 126 after your username

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    очень классный пост продолжай в том же духе


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    yura87 commented

    Going free? Not bloody likely. But, I think Realms should be separate from local-play licensing. Then, users who started a Realm on Xbox or Switch could manage their Realm from Windows 10 or Android, for as long as that Realm exists.

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    No, it's the opposite. Mojang will lose money if they make Minecraft free. Plus, you've probably spent more than $26.95 on Robux or whatever currency Roblox has.

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    RSRedstonier commented

    Minecraft isn't losing money. Over 100k copies are sold every day.

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    minexgui4 commented

    If minecraft was free : is has ad !!!

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    enigmatiqk commented

    just no, for minecraft and the players !

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    TravelByTrain commented

    Dude minecraft would die of money loss if it was free.

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    They would lose money if it was free because no one would be paying. Think of it like this: Would an unemployed person be earning money? Exactly.

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    egamer133 commented

    Why? Why in the world would Minecraft free when tons of other games are 60 dollars, Minecraft is half the price, and it constantly gets updated. People aren't going to play Roblox because it's free, you see how much of an emphasis there is on monetizing the player in Roblox? Every single server you go on is super pay-to-win. And that is the main reason I don't play it.

    Making Minecraft free to play would be a horrible idea. If any version were to be cheaper it should be the Bedrock edition in my opinion simply because of the marketplace they have selling resource packs and other stuff. It also lacks some of the Java edition features and sometimes has slower development. But I'd say still say it should be 20 dollars to the BARE minimum for Bedrock. There are people working on that version too.
    Also, people aren't going to spend thousands of dollars on a PC, then not want to spend 30 dollars on a game, why would you pay over a thousand smackaroos if you're not willing to pony up 30 dollars for a game?

    This just seems like a classic case of "gimme free stuff please."

    In short the Minecraft devs need to be paid, especially since they're constantly updating the game, fixing bugs, adding stuff, they have realms (to be fair you have to pay for that though) and Minecon which is now free to watch, but I don't think that'd be insanely expensive to produce now. If Minecraft were to go Free to Play it would become a Pay to Win buggy mess like Roblox.

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    iFi23 commented

    So, your argument is that a person who spent >$1000 on a PC will decide to play very inferior Roblox to avoid paying $27? I am not convinced.


    Maybe the price of Minecraft is a bit high for what it's worth (which I genuinely don't think, especially since you can buy BE cheaper, but maybe my vision is skewed), but let me teach you some business.

    Step 1. Notch starts developing Minecraft as a passion project.

    Step 2. He starts charging people for it once it gets popular in order to be able to invest 100% of his time towards development.


    Step n. Minecraft is developed by two teams: one for Java edition, one for Bedrock.

    Step n+1. They keep adding new features. Why? Because

    Step n+2. New players might come, excited about new features.


    The only way Minecraft would be made free would be to stop developing it. Which no business would do, as you may notice most games remain outside the free to play shelf long after developers stop giving any attention towards developing it. Let's be happy Minecraft keeps getting new features and not demand developers' hard work for free.

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    Java Dragon commented

    @iFi23 Oh my, you’re right!

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    Minecraft FREE!

    If you want to recover minecraft put it free, all popular games are free

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    I agree to a curtain extent...
    Minecraft should cost £5 on ALL DEVICES AND VERSIONS because it is too expensive for pc edition but the developers of minecraft will have spent 1000's of hours perfecting minecraft, I know because I am a game developer also (I mostly use scratch, Html, and python, rasberry pi and java) and a good game takes time. And the more they make minecraft better the prouder they get and the price will rise as a result 

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    TheMinerFan commented

    It’s price is perfect for what it has right now 

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    SherwoodsLive commented

    I have paid for minecraft on java win10 and mcpe, three times i bought the same game. How about if i buy on one platform i can use on any device? Without having to repay over an over?

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    Evan Bookout commented

    I disagree completely. The Java edition may cost $26.95, but keep in mind that the Java edition doesn't have a marketplace, and is almost fully customizable via mods and resource pack, most of which are totally free! Minecraft Java Edition is a game with limitless possibility, which you can shape into anything you like with no expiration date. I think this is well-worth 27 dollars. If Minecraft were free then Mojang wouldn't have enough money from Java edition to make it the amazing game that it is, and they are being incredibly generous to us to give us the opportunity to play this wonderful game for as long as you like for just 27 dollars.