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[Bedrock Codebase] Add a world size option


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    Camcamcam753 commented

    Making limited world sizes would not significantly increase performance of old devices. You see, Minecraft's generation doesn't happen all at once, chunks are generated whenever the player gets near them. So if you don't want to rack up a giant world size, simply stay close to spawn.

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    TubsO28 commented

    The game would benefit with more world options in size, shape (island, overworld, cave), noise, and block type. It would be a lot of fun to play with and even share with others online different configurations. Maybe even in-game way to see others configurations to challenge or make easier your game. 

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    Ktown0108 commented

    I know my family would benefit from the option to choose smaller world sizes. We had a game with the option on the Xbox console edition, and we played that a ton. Mostly because it was a challenge to find certain things, but not impossible. I would randomly find abandoned mines, mansions, and more! With the newer seeds, it seems very difficult. Using the locator command, we discovered that the nearest wood mansion was some 9k from our spawn point. At that point, I feel like it slows down the pace of the game and make it easy to give up. The option would definitely improve our survival experience.

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    GreatMCGamer commented

    Ktown0108 limiting the world size would simply make it so that you may have hundreds of world where the woodlands mansion is not generated at all because it is generated outside the worlds border.

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    creepperklr2 commented

    May not help performance too much, but look at my post about it.  I like infinite don't get me wrong.  But sometimes I would like to go wander far, taking a bed with me.  sleep a few times, thus changing spawn point.  Then lets say I die.  I'm far from home when I respawn, my map is still in the blast crater from that charged creeper, so I either have to pray and hope I find my stuff before it's too late, or try to recognize my route home.  If I get lost, say, in console edition this way, with world size set to "large" (Plenty of room for multiple biomes and such, but with a defined barrier) then I have Legacy console editions insurance policy of "Home is somewhere within this 8000x8000 block area." If I roam long enough, then, at some point i have a shot at rediscovering my well-established base.  Compare to "Infinite", where, if I get lost in said example, then it becomes "Home is somewhere between infinity and beyond!"  Thus, I may never find my base again.  "Old" world size is too small really in most cases.  So, I'd like to see Small, Medium, Large, and Infinite world size options.  I do use infinite worlds often, where I can keep going until I find what I like.  But sometimes I like to have the generous world size with some sort of boundary as a sort of fail-safe against losing your base that you had so much invested in.

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    As a legacy to Bedrock player i find the infinite worlds a bit much sometimes like the 1000s of blocks to a structure and would like some size options

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    What I think there should be is world changes for console because when you create a world that's the size and shape you have to work will but I would like to see your own creations such as allowing the player to be to look on the map and build there own looking mountains based upon what they desire. Mountain on here don't look like real mountains but giving the players th option to create there own mountains based on looking on maps would be a interesting outlook for the world's to come.

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    nerdking44 commented

    I agree. Infinite is nice and all but, it’s quite immense in size.... My favorite size was Classic/Small because the world would fit on a single map and also have a limit to prevent players from straying too far away from the original world spawn. Plus, as other players mentioned, some structures would spawn too far away and if there was a limit, 98% of the time, you would have all the biomes and structures in you world. We know that “Old” has a limit but, the problem with that is it doesn’t offer the full experience like on the other world sizes.

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    Zyneon commented

    I really need this as I have an old world I want to convert but I can’t as it messes up my world borders!