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Commands To Change Sky Color

under review


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    Leenc ah commented

    Y e s.

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    Hulunabc commented

    To define a custom biome may be better.

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    Baroquetroll commented

    Would this change what the colour looked like for all players whenever they were in any area of that biome? I feel that would be much easier done with a resourspack? Possibly, adding to the other comment about being able to define biome properies, if you could pre-define different ones as a json file, and remap what inworld biome id matched what biome propery file, on the go with commands, then that would be a much more powerfull and generalisable feature, where you could make the precise thing op asked for, just changing the colour of the sky, but also other things, like implementing seasons using funktions, or incrementing difficoulty levels for ctm maps, and so on.

    Also, then, testing for sky colour would be the same as testing for what biome a player or entity was on? Testing for biome would be vary usefull feature.

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    I wanted this to be done with resource pack as well that is why I made a separate feedback post for sky color in resource packs.



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    Miimmim commented

    All for this idea, great for custom maps and honestly just finally being able to change the atmosphere.

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    Josiah1235023 commented

    I like the idea it would be very useful for map makers (like myself) you could turn the sky grey in a post apocalyptic scene you could turn the sky pink for a nice scenery, but I think there should also be a /skycolor reset command just in case you make a mistake or something 

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    Sydien8097 commented

    This could not be possible as the sky colout is part of the in-game archives
    So it can be change with texture packs but not with commands