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A discussion about dragon colors (was: More dragons)

under review


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    SpecialisToL commented

    A couple of ideas (essentially, 1 dragon per dimension): 

    A Blue dragon that spawns in a lair high up in the sky (~Y=230). The lair is located within 5K blocks of 0,0 and strongholds contain a map, or hints to find the lair. Dragon drops items that are used for building portals for traveling, including to other dimensions. 1 portal (both ends) can be built each time the dragon is killed.

    A Red dragon that spawns in a lair in nether. The lair is located within 3K blocks of 0,0 (of nether) and nether fortresses contain hints to locate the lair. The dragon drops a dragon heart block, which, when powered with red stone level 15, causes an explosion, but does not get destroyed itself. It can be used to repeatedly cause explosions. The heart block must be placed touching lava, and must keep contact to lava at all times, otherwise it creates one large explosion immediately and is destroyed (similar to coral blocks dying without water).

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    I think their should be 4 different Tamable variants of dragons for after you defeated Jean. The best ones would the the following elemental Dragon classes from Teutonic and Medieval Legends and  Mythology.

    • Fire Drake (Also nicknamed Royal Crimson)
    • Frost Dragon (most commonly knows as an Ice Dragon)
    • Stone Guardians (Not Golems but are sometimes called Gargoil Dragons and have no relation to Gargoils) (Also called Stone Dragons)
    • Hurricane husk (also known as Desert Husk or a Dust Devil)

    Each could come with their own colors and textures specific to the variant for both their bodies and scales.

    • FIRE: Red, Sandy Yellow, White, Dark Gray, and Black.
    • WATER: Blue, Cyan, White, Indigo, and Purple.
    • EARTH: Green, Lime Green, Light Grey, Brown, and Orange.
    • AIR: Sandy Yellow, White, Light Blue, Yellow, and Pink.

    Each variants could have their own attacks and power attacks according to their elements.

    • FIRE: It would get so hot that it would explode as lightning.
    • WATER: It would get so cold that it would freeze into Ice.
    • EARTH: It would get so hard that it would compress into Steel
    • AIR: It would get so powerful that it would swirl as a Tornado.
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    You should also note that Sea/Water Serpents/Wyrems and Wyverns are not actually dragons. And Drakes are not Wyverns (By definition, drakes, they are naturally highly armored dragons).

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    I think we should have dragons that we can tame and ride (if this commit is considered please make them similar to horses in the sense that we can put saddles on them) having a drain you can ride and use in PvP combat would be cool to. I think this dragon Idea could be very useful for more than just boss fights. I think that it would actually draw in a bit more of a fanbase in fact. This is mainly from my almost 200 xbox friends some of them played Minecraft then stoped because they weren't happy about the lack of number of of bosses. So I think adding boss dragons and pet dragons would be beneficial to everyone. and I agree with the dragon for each dimension but like I stated earlier there should also be dragons for us to use, for the RED DRAGONS I would say fire would be the most suitable element for them. BLUE DRAGONS should be a wind based dragon. YELLOW DRAGONS would make sense to be abele to summon lightning. GREEN DRAGONS are the only dragons that I think should not be able to fly they should be an earth dragon. Those are my opinions on the mater. But I still think even adding 1 new dragon would be very beneficial to the game.

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    I love the idea of more dragons, and would be supportive of any implementation.


    I think dragons are best in this game tied to some sort of structure.  The End Dragon is a boss fight surrounded by pillars.  I would imagine any other dragon being the same.  Some sort of temple or structure(s) to anchor it, and only accessible from a cartographer's map.  Colors obviously match the dragon's element, and so should it match its home.  The End is a mysterious place, perfect for the Black Dragon.

    The Red Dragon is a being of Fire.  It's home location could be one of two places: The Nether or a newly implemented Volcano biome.

    The Blue Dragon is a being of Water.  It's starting point could be a new water-themed dimension, or spawned in at an Ocean Temple by some mechanic (throw four conduits into the center of the gazebo on top of the temple for example).

    The Green Dragon is a being of the Earth.  So I'd imagine its location being in the Forest, Mountains, or Underground at some extremely rare structure.

    Yellow Dragon would be for Air and Light.  So the best place would be in a rare structure spawned in the sky, at the site of a large desert temple, or in a separate Sky dimension.


    Here's some crazy ideas for less requested colors:

    White Dragon:  Snow dragon found in a rare snow temple on the overworld, or in a snow based dimension.

    Orange Dragon:  Perhaps the Red Dragon is the dragon of the Nether, and the Orange Dragon the dragon of the Volcano.

    Violet Dragon:  If you create a Nether Portal at its MAX size, and then implement some other trigger mechanism, it spawns a Violet Dragon in the Overworld or in the Nether.  Alternatively you could make the Violet Dragon a space dragon, fought in a space/moon based dimension.

    Indigo Dragon:  Can't forget ROY G BIV if we're making dragons of every color.  Indigo dragons are either the Swamp Dragon or the Space Dragon.

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    TheNeonNerd commented

    Maybe they could be tameable too? I mean that would be awesome...

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    https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360009548511-Pet-Dragons- like that?

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    TheNeonNerd commented


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    James Bouska commented

    You could give them all seprit cool disins like the
    earth dragon being bulky with smaller wings
    water dragon with webed feet and wings beter for swimming then flying and a less scaly body
    fire dagon being spiky and scaly
    Air dragon with giant wings
    Thay could also have the abily to alow you to attack mods using them by pressing one of tow buttons on them scratch and an raged attack which could be
    Earth dragon soots giant boulders out of its mouth win not hitting smthing sets down a peace of cobble stone
    Water dragon shoots a high powerd steam of water same as earth but with water
    Fire dragon ovesly fire breath that setts thangs ablaze
    Air dragon soots out an orb that wher it hits lightning strikes
    Srach, Earth thy cand move for a 3 seconds and git a gray pigment (like thay turned to stone). Water gives drowning effect. Fire sets them ablaze. Air gives them levitation

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    why make some dragon neutral and hostile mobs.

    the smallest dragon is the tamable red dragon and the hostile ender dragon the biggest dragon.

    green, red, blue, and orange are neutral and the nether dragon, ender dragon, and other dragons that are hostile boss mobs.

    the ender dragon will have more health then all other dragons.

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    giantOPAL commented

    tameable dragons. difficult yet possible if your lucky?

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    Yekul Ten commented

    Weather or not the dragons are tamable, is fine with me. Maybe at least one dragon can be tamed. (Pet ender dragon from ender egg maybe?)

    Green dragons could be the weaker / more traditional fire breathing dragon (or just melee attack) found in the overworld. Maybe they could be a part of a high pillage raid level? I mean, that's what dragons do in stories, attack civilizations.

    Red dragons could be the stronger fire breathing dragon. It could either be a rare underground dragon, or a nether dragon.

    If the blue dragon is a water dragon, then it should have to refill itself with water. If it's air, then I don't know. Though fire is the go-to for dragons who need breathing powers. It could also be a sea serpent instead. All things considered.

    (If there is an earth dragon, that's more suited to be brown then yellow.)

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    bowaxer commented

    You should be able to bring the ender dragon’s egg home and hatch it into a certain dragon depending on which condishons it is hatched in. 

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    TravelByTrain commented

    Red dragons are confirmed to be added "someday", and I think they should be an end-game thing. I'll let developers decide on where to find and how to tame it.

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    Durger King commented

    Implement Volcano biomes and have red dragons have a rare chance to be able to spawn with a lair in it

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    Grimm 2003 commented

    make dragons a common mob with shape, colour and maybe even elemental powers biome dependent. Even if they are common you can make them very hard to tame and they need a saddle to steer and you can also add dragon armour or change horse armour into mount armour

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    Grimm 2003 commented

    Take notes from how to train your dragon

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    PushedCoot46 commented

    Green, blue, red, yellow.  Please add ice dragons!

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    Red Dragon :

    Special attack -> Can use fire to attack the player

                               |_ effect : the player is on fire

    Could live at the top of the mountains in high temperature biomes.

    Blue Dragon :

    special attack -> Can use ice to attack the player

                               |_ effect : slowness and frosted effect is applied to the player (frosted effect cause damage to the player)

    Could live in ice caves near the surface in the ice biomes.

    Green Dragon :

    Special attack -> Can use gaz to attack the player

                               |_ effect : poison is applied to the player

    Could live at the top of the mountains in temperate biomes as the jungles.

    Yellow Dragon :

    Special attack -> Can charge the player

                               |_ effect : more damage than the normal attack and weakness is applied to the player

    Could live in caves near the surface and rocks in dry biomes.

    I had created a texture for the red dragon and his egg a long time ago based on the textures of the ender dragon :

    The texture of the Red Dragon :

    The texture of this egg :

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    dklebedev commented

    Dark red nether dragon that looks like a netherrack volcano.

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    Too many dragons and they loose what value they had to them. If dragons are to be added, they shouldn't make the game easy nor should dragons loose that touch of rarity we all love them for.

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    See The Red Dragon, for an amazing dragon idea, I love the idea of more dragons, especially the red dragon

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    If another dragon were to be added, the purpose of defeating the dragon would have to be saving the overworld, how about 2 new bosses (Ice and Overworld)(We have the Ender Dragon and the Wither so it will be 4 bosses in total. And also not dragons but another form please) that drop items that are used to activate something to save enderman from their suffering in The End dimension or another type of species that are unheard of and need a hero to save them from their slaver (boss).

    If I were to add 2 new bosses (another form of boss) I would let them drop items like one different star shard to activate a device to save the enderman that escape The End. Its just imagination and I did not make sense at the last part but its something to give a new story line. I mean we could even change the way we activate the End portal by using shards imstead of simply using enderpearls in a simple sense, just to give the game a new adventurous way of finding items to activate something.

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    ACWavelength commented

    I'd like to see some kind of greyish blueish dragon that is found in underground lakes (As part of a CAVE UPDATE!!)

    They would have the ability to go semi invisible, similar to spiders, their bluish highlights would glow. They could swim, and their nest would be at the very bottom of the lake, in a mini water cave. Leaving the water means they can't regenerate health, so they have to stay in their sump.

    As a neutral mob, this dragon would only attack if threatened, or goes too close. After a boss battle, it would drop some 'Ancient scales'; used to brew potions of sight of the unseen' - when drunk allows player to see invisible entities and players. could also be used to craft armour that gives the player aquatic abilities. 

    Once killed, it's egg in it's nest begins to hatch a new, more deadly version of it's mother.

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    Black and red dragons could breath fire. Black dragon being larger than the red one

    white dragon breathing an iced fire

    blue dragon breathing water breath 

    green dragon breathing an earthy or wind like breath would be cool

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    KSpacito commented

    I think it would be cool if there were 'types' of dragons that had colorations similar to current tropical fish (in fact, I think that this would be a cool feature to implement to wolves, cats, parrots, etc, but I'm getting ahead of myself).  For example, for a certain 'type' of dragon (let's pretend that this is one that breathes fire and/or has fire abilities), there could be a color pool that involved warmer colors like red, orange, yellow, etc. but had enough variation so that each one appeared unique.

    Edit: Spelling

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    chubarian commented

    I think you only need to add one dragon type: the red dragon. They would spawn in the over-world and more importantly they would drop their hide upon death to craft new dragon hide armour. You should implement a armour weight system where heavier armour consumes more hunger from tasks than light armour, this way the dragon hide can have the same defence as iron but consumes less hunger making it better.