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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Calling all Chefs (this is the food and recipe feedback thread)


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    MuffinMaker28 commented

    What I think we should do is have more baked goods than pumpkin pie and cake. There should be like apple pies and carrot cakes. Maybe even just a chocolate cake because we do have coco seeds. Anyone up to the idea?

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    Here is my idea of the new foods

    Apple Pie - 2 Apple, 1 sugar, 1 wheat. (Restores 4 Hunger Points)
    Nether Stew - 1 Water bottle, 3 nether wart, 1 red-brown mushroom, 1 bowl, 1 Sugar (Restores 6 Hunger Points)
    Chorus Cake - 3 Chorus Fruit, 2 Sugar, 1 Wheat, 1 Ender Pearl (Placeable, Restores 2 Hunger Bar, +Teleported to random location)
    Pancake - 3 Wheat, 2 Egg (Restores 2 Hunger Bar)

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    DINORAR2017 commented

    I think you should be able to shear a cactus to make it edible, restoring 3 hunger points

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    I love the idea of being able to use chorus fruit to make a cake that teleports you to the end.  It's so fitting for the teleportation aspect of chorus fruit, and makes things a lot easier for players whose bases are nowhere near a stronghold.  You still have to find the stronghold to get there initially, but then you can plan ahead and never have to go back to that stronghold.

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    I think food is a sector that has been left quite barren for a while now, the last addition being beetroot, beetroot soup, and (the questionably edible) chorus fruit. Minecraft is in need of a new food update as this has been left pretty unexplored.

    Foraging in the Overworld

    Currently, foraging in Minecraft for food can leave you with a few seeds from broken grass, a small quantity of raw meat, and maybe if you're lucky some crops from a village farm you harvested. In order to keep things interesting, I propose a number of ideas to improve this factor.

    1. Wild vegetables:Randomly spread across the overworld, these patches of vegetables in clusters of 1-5, appear on patches of hoed land and can be broken with fists as with any other crop. These can be a variety of different items including ‘radishes’, ‘cabbage’, and ‘turnip’ which, when broken, drop 1-3 of the crop and 1-2 of the crop’s seeds. When eaten raw, radish refills 1-3 hunger points, cabbage 2-3, and turnip 1-3. When cooked in a furnace, these become their cooked versions and all restore 3-4 hunger points. Also, when crafted on the ‘kitchen table’ (see later or if not viable to be added then crafting table) with a bowl on the bottom-middle slot, and a radish, turnip, and cabbage in a row in any order above, then it will produce a ‘wild vegetable stew’ that, when consumed, restores 6- 8 hunger points and 1-2 health points.
    2. Bushes and fruit trees: Bushes can spawn around the world and have a similar appearance to that of leaf blocks, but on the ground and in groups of 2-5. Most bushes are normal but 10% bear fruit. Each of these bushes can yield a crop after around 2 minecraft days and visibly have multi-coloured berries on them. They harvest instantly with shears or take 1 second to break by hand, and the bush can be broken in a further 3 seconds with shears; anything else and it will not drop an item. Harvesting a bush gives the user 1-4 ‘wild berries’ which restore 1-2 hunger points each.

    Fruit trees are regular oak trees spawning in all biomes that support them, however, unlike a normal oak tree, they can have either red dots ‘apples’, orange dots ‘oranges’, or green dots ‘pears’, on their leaves. The fruit can be harvested from the leaf block with a fist dropping 1-2 ‘apples’, ‘oranges’, or ‘pears’, and each fruit restores 1-4 hunger points each, no matter of the type. If the fruit tree were to be added to the game, the random chance of an apple spawning as an oak leaf block is broken will should be removed.

    1. Seed Reboot: As well as the wild vegetables having their own specific seeds (radish, cabbage, and turnip), there should also be a 5% chance when grass is broken, to drop ‘mixed seeds’ which, when planted, grow into a randomly determined wild vegetable.
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    huntmom06 commented

    If there was any food I would wish to be added to Minecraft that would be some sort of prismarine food, and when you eat it you get 15 seconds of water breathing, it could only be found in buried treasure, shipwrecks, of ocean ruins, but it would be pretty rare.

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    I definitely like the idea of having an incentive to find/make different types of food instead of just using one, easy source. I know some mods have saturation or nutrition that I think would help to balance the system so you're encouraged to eat a variety of foods. 

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    xXDan83500Xx commented

    This is probably already out there but they should add rice, it would grow like wheat but need to be close to water like sugar cane!

    Also, you could use rice, kelp, and fish to make sushi or nigiri?

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    Actual fruit bearing trees like:

    lemon trees

    orange trees

    apple trees (instead of oak dropping them)

    lime trees

    Banana trees

    Vines could grow grapes. 

    Bushes to grow:




    These can be made into food like apple pie, orange juice, banana bread, blueberry muffins. Etc 


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    New cookie idea: Golden Cookie.

    recipe: a cookie in the middle, surrounded by golden nuggets.

    hunger regeneration: 2 points

    effects: Absorption I for 20 seconds 

    (Haven't tested it, feel free to change the stats)

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    Food idea: Boiled egg. 

    recipe: cook an egg in a furnace.

    hunger regeneration: 3 points


    I made a detailed and visualized post on egg ideas here:


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    When eaten in the overworld, Chorus fruit should teleport you to your end portal. I think it's not too overpowered for an endgame food that's pretty much useless right now.

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    Yes, that would be perfect. I can imagine eating a green apple in Minecraft right now! Make it happen, Mojang! You already pinned it!

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    Ramen would be a great addition.

    It would be made with 2 Wheat (Ramen noodles are wheat noodles), 1 egg, 1 protein (pork, chicken, fish), 1 dried kelp, and 1 mushroom.   It would be placed in a bowl.

    It would be a great food item!  Mass production in survival would require an Automatic Egg farm, Kelp Farm, Musroom Farm, Wheat Farm, and a protein farm.   I recommend Pork ;)



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    They're tasty. They should drop squid meat and ink sacs. When the meat is cooked you get calamari.

    Not much else to say about this idea. :) The squid are right there. I want to eat them!

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    jh77363 commented

    I would like if you added A “super fruit” that gave you the ability to pick up blocks and gave you strength depending on how long you purified it for. You would purify by putting a golden apple on top of it. It would give you another status effect called “Dodging” which would give you a chance to dodge attacks. It would be crafted using a apple and 8 golden apples (regular) This would be an end game fruit that would be favored by a Mob that spawns in a Fruit Dimension where you can get fruits without looking for days but in this dimension the Superfruit would have a 0.1% chance to spawn with the mob. You can cook it then it would restore more hunger. You could also use an apple and 8 golden apples. You would make the portal with golden apple blocks. That’s all for the superfruit


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    Nox cgt commented

    You can't have a proper home garden without tomatoes! Tomato Seeds could be grown in Flower Pots and watered with Bottles of Water; the plant could also be grown on Tilled Soil, but the Flower Pot would make it unique and compact. The tomato plant would produce 2-3 Tomatoes which could be combined with a bowl to craft Tomato Soup.

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    Roses could be made into Rose jelly give 2 hunger points back

    Grapes to grow on vines

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    kenrs wan commented

    I agree this one but how to do?

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    Update Aquatic is almost out, and it looks like they are passing up a perfect opportunity. Add calimari (squid meat!) It's just so obvious now that we have mutton.

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    AgentCPU0 commented

    Since apples are food, and don't get used in too many crafting recipes, what if we could make apple pie? The link I provided is a crafting recipe for it. It'd fill 5 hunger points (2 1/2 bars).


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    I would love Pancakes Ooh Add Maple Trees

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    We need sandwiches....

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    Red Riptide commented

    How about some nether fruit that grows from certain netherack? Players could make nether fruit farms with it and stuff, so I think it’s a good idea.

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    xtu4 CRlov commented

    obtained when crafted using bucket of milk,glass of water ,sugar,dye(flavour and color),gelatin(obtained when cooking beef or porkcop)

    u can put it at the top of furnace when smelting or cooking

    you can use stick as well

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    We can add more dairy and vegetables. Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and also spices such as paprika, basil, oregano, chili powder, and peppercorn will expand the Minecraft menu hundredfold. You can make fish pie, curry, pizza (add olives to Minecraft for olive oil and food), cheese sticks, broccoli soup, spinach soup, tomato soup, tomato sauce, and we need more equipment. Butter churns and fermentation chambers make cheese and butter (butter chutneys have durability and are repaired with sticks). Cheese will help with stuff and makes broccoli-cheese soup. Snow, fruit and milk makes yogurt base which must be fermented before adding fruit and adding spices makes the food more filling (in Minecraft)  and you can make cinnamon rools and cornmeal. Seagrass helps make gelatin substitute (gelatin is otherwise dropped by bull bosses) and ovens bust be able to cook multiple foods at once (furnaces are different) there must be cinnamon, spice plants, corn, salt (which can be added to meals to retain water, useful in the Nether where thirst is faster), and berries, fruit trees (apples will have apple trees now) and chocolates are now made by Fermented Cacao, sugar and (if desired, not required) milk

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    redwolf10105 commented

    In Minecraft, the main use for eggs is baking. But what about cooked eggs? Placing an egg in the top of a furnace should give you a Sunny Side Up egg, which could be titled "Cooked Egg". Here is a (Work in progress) icon for it:It would give you 3-5 hunger points, and would be a common food for chicken farmers.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    Many people eat only the best effective food and the easiest to get, maybe a limit would be in order. For example if all you eat is beef you start to move slower and become weaker, but if all you eat is vegetation like dried kelp and other healthy foods then you get maybe a speed boost for eating something healthier than unhealthy food like beef.

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    MystyPetal commented

    I have been wanting to add an idea to Minecraft for a long time. Corn and Rice! Both are very commonly grown crops across the real world (and also gluten free).

    With Corn, you could probably find it in villages or from breaking grass (as it is a grain like wheat).The crop would be two blocks high and of course, you grow the corn from the broken crops. Corn can be used in a variety of ways, from Popcorn in a furnace, to Cornbread (Two wheat and one corn in the middle, or just three corn) or Corn Tortillas to make Tacos(Recipe would include beef or chicken and probably a carrot). You could even just have grilled corn or Corn on the cob, and use Corn husks(off product of harvesting corn) to make very simple gear (weaker than leather). My Dad had a silly idea to somehow make Fuel from Corn which could open a whole new avenue of engineering, but that is something beyond what I can try to explain here.

    With Rice, It would be found from breaking grass, you would have to make a paddy using waterlogged dirt (with a hoe) and grow it similar to a normal crop, harvesting it with the hoe (Hoe currently only digs dirt and could be used as a tool for reaping crops). The Rice crop can be used to make Rice Porridge (Rice and a bowl), Rice Balls (Rice and a beef or pork filling with dried Kelp at the bottom, based on Japanese Rice balls), Rice cakes (baking rice in a furnace) and Sushi (Rice plus raw fish and possibly dried kelp) to add onto the sushi you may need a Tuna Fish type of Mob or fish you can collect with a fishing rod. You could even add a Pestle type of system to create flours from Rice or Wheat. Rice grass (a possible off-product of Rice farming) could be used to "weave" a Mat (similar to carpet).

    I also like the idea of fruit trees and bushes, growing blueberries, raspberries, and a crop that re-grows fruit would be a really nice addition to immersion. I am honestly a hardcore farmer in Minecraft, The more crops, the happier I am.