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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Calling all Chefs (this is the food and recipe feedback thread)


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    So, we had a chat with our developers, and much like our swamp thread (and previous megathreads), we're going to take a new approach to these to make ideas not only get seen, but also be more useful. Like the swamp thread, we're going to take all these great ideas under consideration and close this thread. Thank you so much for your excellent creativity!

    1. We would like the community to focus on foods that aren't readily available via mods.

    2. Please focus your suggestions on crops and recipes vs prepared food. "Super prepared food" (we're referring to stuff like pizza) is pretty much where the line is drawn on that.

    3. Please keep suggestions focused on a single idea per post. https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360003401232-Posting-Guidelines (lists should be reported via the feedback form, and will be deleted).

    4. Duplicates will be removed. If you're going to start a new Egg suggestion, it needs to be significantly different than another Egg suggestion. You also should be original. Don't take other community members hard work from this thread and repurpose it for votes! :)

    Thank you!

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    Fruit trees and bushes would be an amazing addition as an early food source, and they could lead to later game foods such as berry pies.  If at all possible they should be like modded fruit trees and bushes where the tree/bush grows a fruit over time that you can pick when ripe without destroying the tree/bush.

    Apple pie is another that doesn’t even need any additions to create.

    Fruit salad should require a variety of fruits and be a good vegetarian option for late game food, maybe equivalent to cooked meats such as beef and pork.  It will be fair, since it would take gathering a lot of different fruit types and setting up an extensive farm


    Eggs should be able to be cooked in a furnace and eaten, rather than their only purpose being creating chickens and making pie and cake.  It would mostly be another early game option, but would make those random eggs you pick up useful rather than something to throw away.

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    lAmNumbr7 commented

    I think banana trees, coconut trees and I also agree with the fruit bushes or whatever. Also, the apple trees could be separate from the banana trees and coconut trees. Maybe the trees could have little animations on them of their specific fruit. And maybe banana trees and coconuts trees could only generate near or in beaches and jungles. I’d also would like to see growable corn and lettuce implemented.

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    CazzleWizzle commented

    Being able to make boiled or fried eggs would be great, and I love the idea of fruit trees- like a few additional trees to add to oak etc, with brightly coloured fruits on like oranges and lemons, so we could use the fruits in a recipe. Or being able to make drinks to restore your energy- we have glass, why can't we make glasses, and put water, orange juice or lemonade i? It would be a lot more practical than drinking milk straight out the bucket! And if we were to have berries (cherries, strawberries, blueberries etc) then we could make more cookies and maybe muffins, or even add strawberries to milk to make strawberry milkshake! It just seems strange- for people to survive, we need food, water, shelter and oxygen, so why can we only have three out of four of these?

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    I love this! Another thing that would be cool to add to the fruits section would be prickly pears! We could have a new type of cactus (prickly pear cactus) that we could pick the fruit off of when ripe. It would also liven up the desert just a tad! The fruit could be used to make maybe a prickly pear pie, which would be awesome and add more pie diversity seeing as how all we have is pumpkin pie. And maybe a new type of cooking device and interface aside from the furnace, like a stove and oven and when you click it the interface looks like a recipe book and you find your recipe, click it, and then maybe some particle effects go up and then your food pop out after a few seconds, like with the lab table in minecraft education.

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    EverydayIJump commented

    More food items are a really good idea.

    To get players to try and obtain these foods, there should be an incentive to go out and make different food, instead of farming and eating the same thing over and over again. 

    For example, different cookies can do different things (speed, jumpboost, etc.) and different food groups can also have other effects (like absorption). Lets say someone eats lots of vegetables so he has a better resistance stat or has a mixed diet of certain fruits and vegetables for a little bit of absorption, speed, and regeneration. Experimentation with different ingredients and exploring different areas (biome specific food) to find them would be very fun and a great addition.

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    WeeMaster874 commented

    Agreed, we need more variety of foods.. such us cane ice and we need The Thirst Bar! so Minecraft will be so Challanging!

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    dan070503 commented

    why not cook a delicious but simple soup?
    This soup is made of cooked fish, cooked potato and a bowl. I think it would be a good idea

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    dan070503 commented

    Its one of elementary food that it would be in the game.
    I think in minecraft we can put rice an water in a bowl and put the bowl in the oven.
    with rice we can do sushi, "paella" ... etc
    rice can open a world of foods.
    I think creators forgott rice. Please put rice in the gsme

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    DarkPopStar commented

    Corn crops! with either corn on the cob or popcorn as the cooked varient (could also make some more advanced foods with combining them with existing foods(could have stews for example to add more uses for the wooded bowl)).

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    TristanO2006 commented

    Definetlty Wish More Food Was In!

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    There should be Blueberries, that when 8 are put around a cake will make blueberry cake! Also, apple pie should be a thing

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    I LOVE this idea, but a bit bland, why not add in some more cooking tools? (Toasters to make toasted bread blenders to make smoothies, etc.)  and maybe if you don't use the food long enough it go's bad. Like?

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    Apple Pie!!!!!!

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    MoonKnight003 commented

    Lots of desert things would be awesome, like oasis Sunfruit or something cool like that. I like the prickly pear idea also.

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    My suggestion is to add more fruit (ex: cherry), different kinds of pies (ex: apple, cherry), kinds of cake (ex: chocolate, strawberry) and Cupcakes (put a Cake into a crafting table and get 9 cupcakes + vice versa and a Cake into inventory crafting to get 4 and vice versa).

    That would be great because there are barely any fruit, and only 3 desserts.

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    You should be able to eat nether wart!


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    Adding all different type of crops that can be crafted to different food that can provide buffs to the player. Adding Nether crops such as Nether Chili that makes, well chilli, that provides a whopping strength 3 but damages the player, also providing 6 bars of hunger. Berry pies and a variety of sweets either buffing the player with, speed, regeneration. A variety of new plant life can really spice up the surroundings. I really love this suggestion and I hope this gets added into the game. Also more tools and minerals please?

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    AquaGamer1212 commented

    I think a Food update is needed. I’m talking full Pam’s Harvestcraft like. New plants and fruit trees, new recipes based off of animals and plants, with new effects such as speed, etc. It’s my favorite mod and it’s adds so much gameplay to have to go search for all these new items. 

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    Captkirkt commented

    A bananarang! Basicly a banana boomerang, with a damage of 5, this boomerang would attract enimies, and if enimies were able to find it or get it they would eat it!

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        I think there should be a way to store other crops in large quantities. Like potatoes, carrots, beetroots etc. in sacks, so the crops don’t fill up our inventory.


    We should have milk bottles alongside the milk buckets, so we can use the milk bottles for smaller recipes.


    We should have mashed potatoes, and they would give you more hunger points than cooked potatoes. It would be crafted like:   Cooked Potato + Milk Bottle + Bowl


    Now, this may be over the top, but we need more realistic cooking blocks, like grills and stoves.

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    I think that it will be nice to be able to put position in cookies

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    1. I think it would be nice to be able to put potion in cookies. This will help the player to safe storage in their inventory. The recipe should be cookie+(postion)=(position put in the name) cookie.

    2. I the that Mojang should put a limit of how many day a food can last.the limit should be like 2-3 Minecraft days. In order to keep your food from going bad you should add a refrigerator to keep it in.this refrigerator can have two compartments. These two compartments would be freezer,cooler. The freezer compartment will keep raw this like fish,pork chop and others from going spoiled. But on the other hand the cooler compartment should keep cooked food good. This fridge could be crafted by 8 pieces of iron all around the outside then 1 iron or wooden door in the middle.

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    pigcowsheep9 commented

    "Veggie soup" - 1 bowl, 2 carrots, 2 potatoes, and 1 water bottle   Bars: 2

    "Apple pie" - 3 apples, 1 bread, and 2 sugar    Bars: 1

    "Salad" - 1 carrot, 1 potato, 2 leaves, 1 bread, and 1 bowl   Bars: 2.5

    "Cactus salad" - 3 cacti, 2 leaves, and 1 bowl     Bars: 2.5

    "Cream pie" - 2 snow, 1 packed ice, and 1 water bottle   Bars: 0.5

    "Green salad" - 6 leaves, 2 wheat, and 1 bowl     Bars: 5

    "Beef stew" - 2 steak, 1 flint, 2 water bottles, and 1 bowl    Bars: 5

    "Beet mash" - 2 beetroots, 1 steak, 2 water bottles, and 1 bowl     Bars: 3.5

    "Fruit bowl" - 3 apples, 3 melon slices, and 1 bowl   Bars: 2

    "Melon pie" - 3 melon slices, 1 bread, and 1 sugar    Bars: 1

    "Tea" - 2 leaves, 4 water bottles, 2 sugar, and 1 bucket    Bars: 0.5

    "Veggie bowl" - 3 carrots, 3 potatoes, and 1 bowl    Bars: 2


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    GhostofPOOP commented

    Myself, I have never been interested in cooking. This is an idea that would appeal to myself as someone who found cooking pretty meh.

    I think to make cooking more interesting, and more of an investment, not only should there be a wide variety of bakable/cookable foods, but a tweaked way to create them. Granted, being able to just craft them on a bench make it fun, but also a little superfluous. I'd rather be able to actually have a space to make specialized food.

    To keep food making fun and not tedious on resources, there would be a different kind of furnace powered by redstone, the "oven." It wouldn't be powerful enough to smelt or cook meat to keep balance, and the collection of redstone would make the start of the cooking process special and investable. Plus it'd be a nice, special addition to any chef's kitchen that's actually practical.

    It's only purpose would be to bake and combine foods together, and it's the only station that can. It's how you'd make pies, cakes, stews, and the more complex the bake, the more powerful the food becomes. Eventually, you even have a food item that fills every hunger point with one bite.

    The second kitchen appliance should become the cauldron. It's useless. It has no real purpose. In addition to a holder for water, it can combine wet ingredients together like eggs and milk, to then be combined with dry ingredients and placed in the oven. This kind of process makes a functional kitchen.


    To me, making a functional kitchen with cooking mechanics that actually can help makes cooking less superfluous, and worth exploring.


    I want to add in I am in full support of implementing rice as said by someone else in here, simply because of the new aquatic update that would allow you to waterlog the rice, just like real rice.


    Fruit bushes is interesting, though a little overpowered. There should be a mechanic to it, I believe, just like how crops can be destroyed if you hop on it. For the bushes, friendly mobs could try to eat the fruit off the bushes. So you can't just put it out in the open.

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    I think Mojang should allow bowls to be put on blocks 

    P.S. I think sandwiches would be cool too

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    Personally, I hope Minecraft never gets food spoilage, or at least it is only an option for people who want to make their worlds harder (or more annoying).

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    NaiculS1 commented

    My idea revolves around chorus fruit and the end dimension. As of right now, it can be quite a hassle to get to the end, especially if the portal is thousands of blocks away from your base. Also, for something so end-game chorus fruits are pretty useless. Uncooked, they restore barely any hunger, and they teleport you randomly which can be quite annoying, and cooked they’re only used to make purpur blocks and end rods, which, let’s face it, aren’t the prettiest blocks in the game. My idea, is to add a, “Ender Cake.” This cake would be crafted just like a normal cake, but instead of milk there would be dragon breath, instead of eggs there would be Ender pearls, and instead of wheat there would be chorus fruit. This cake, when you take a bite of it, would teleport you straight to the end dimension. This would give chorus fruit a new use, while still fitting with the theme of the item. The cake would restore the same amount of food as a normal cake, but it would have twice as many slices. Finally, not related to food but related to chorus fruit, when cooked they should be able to be used as a purple or magenta dye.

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    It would be awesome if you could get other enchanted food such as milk, cakes and others. The other enchanted foods would have different effects from the golden apple depending on the food such as milk not only removing bad effects but also adding effects like regeneration and absorbtion

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    I would want to be able to put food on a table :o