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A special bone to call back your dog in combat


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    The wolf automatically teleports to your when your only several blocks away

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    it could also be used as just anywhere to call all your dogs to calm down and stop attacking stuff, maybe even make all of them sit/stand in some area
    main issue when you dont want to your wolves attack stuff is when you accidentally punch some mob you dont want to kill or you are attacked by such mob (example, skeleton set to some music disk farm or trader lama shooting at you after you got rid of its owner.. or your precious top-stats horse you accidently punched), so to have way to make them just stop would be definetly great, making it some area of effect on all wolves could be even better for this purpose, in this version, maybe even making it possibly filtered by coloring bone to same color as collar on dogs you want it to affect is

    as side thing/easter egg, it could be thrown at some conditions and standing dogs would run to grab it and give it to you, they would need only "slot" to hold stuff in mouths, similarly as foxes have

    bone to have durability can be surely fine as long it can be enchanted by unbreaking/mending

    being at it.. horse whistle to call to yourself your horse you used for last time would be also very nice convenient idea (putting it here as it is similar concept of item, meaning "command your tamed mobs" thing), which could be crafted, looted or bought from villagers, of what, not sure, in history bones were used to make flutes, so maybe bone, or goat horn crafted into this item