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    (More ideas I couldn't fit into the original post) Custom biome creator: Players could select the blocks/mobs/fogs/structures etc. that they want in their biome. They could also choose the rarity and size of their biome, and customize the biome's terrain generation.
    Custom structure builder: Players could use the content creator to build custom structures using existing or custom blocks and mobs, create loot tables for chests, choose the structure's rarity and what biomes it is found in, and build variations for the structure.
    Character content creator: The content creator could be used to make classic skins with custom geometry or parts like hair and clothing to be used while creating their character.
    UI designer: Players could create UI for their custom blocks, mobs, or items, (Examples: a kind of furnace/crafting interface or a villager-like trading interface). Players could design their UI by assembling "ui parts", such as item slots, a player model (like the one in the inventory), buttons, or other visuals, like the flame icon in the furnace UI, the xp bar in the trade UI, or the craftable blocks in the stonecutter UI. Players could also use the scripting system to choose what interacting with certain parts will do (Examples: crafting, smelting, enchanting)
    Sound editor: Players could select sounds from the base game, record, or import their own sounds, and edit them to use while creating.
    Miscellanious ideas: Custom block geometry, liquid block creator, effect creator